David Beckham appears on the Wimbledon courts with Djokovic

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the serbian Novak Djokovic met with david beckham in the wimbledon player zonebefore the tennis player's match against the Australian jordan thompson.

Djokovic was with his team, led by Goran Ivanisevicplaying ludo at one of the tables on the players' terrace and waiting for the game to end between Sara Sorribes and Iga Swiatek to skip him to center court.

Beckhamwho is in the tournament with her mother, went up to the terrace to give an interview and meet some tennis players, among them, Ons Jabeurand came over to greet Djokovicwith whom he maintained a relaxed conversation.

In addition to the iconic English footballer, other sports figures have been seen in the stands at the event, including the legendary Roger Federerwho on Tuesday received a tribute by part of the tournament for being the manly player who has been crowned the most times on his lawn.

Next to him was the Princess Catherine of Waleswho attended the Swiss legacy celebration. elle fanning and stanley tucciHollywood actors, were also seen in the vicinity of the All England Club.

Wimbledon is arguably the most iconic tournament in tennis and over the years has seen some of the biggest celebrities walk through the Center Court bleachersand in just the second round of activities, more sightings are expected in the coming days.

In 2022the English tournament finals in the All England were attended by Kate Winslet (Titanic), Tom Cruise (Mission Impossible), Wayne Rooney (former Manchester United footballer), Russell Wilson (quarterback in the NFL) and himself Beckhamfor whom attending the tournament with his mother is almost a tradition.

In addition to celebrities, the presence of royalty in the sports fair is almost mandatory, with the prince williamthe Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine, and William, Duke of Cambridgemaking an appearance from the Royal Boxreserved for the great personalities and members of the tournament.

(With information from EFE)

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