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As the song says, “the end is coming” and you have to decide. Claudia: you want “a second floor to the transformation.” What does that mean for the hundreds of thousands of Mexicans who flee their towns, their neighborhoods to the border? “From January to March 2023, arrests of compatriots totaled 208,111.”

Sabina Berman titled her column: The 4T, gain Power to lose the Project. Support Mr. Harfuch, who, without a doubt, is a good police officer, but it is evident that without the slightest idea of ​​what it means to govern and even less so from the left, leaving aside someone who has been an ally and perhaps a friend. Isn't it a betrayal of your principles, of your affections?

A year ago you emphatically declared: “What does Mexico gain from the participation of women? Well, of course everything is strengthened, particularly democracy.” Is that why you support a man? Does democracy no longer matter if the polls say that Morena wins votes with a candidate?

At the head of the CDMX Government, two of your objectives were to eradicate violence against women and prevent teenage pregnancy. In favor of congruence, they should also be objectives of your government plan. In health, the budget will be 26.2% less than 5 years ago. Cutbacks and under-exercises have been reported that have a brutal impact on the health of girls and adolescents who, as psychologist Juan M. Pérez García says: “Child pregnancy does not exist, it is sexual violencel.” In 2021 there were 6,312 births in which the mother was between 10 and 14 years old; in the majority, the father was older or much older (Inegi). What will be your strategy?

In these turbulent times where morality and legality have been put to the test, we remember Carol Gilligan, an ethicist, who defends an ethic of care, in which responsibility is understood as the obligation to care for other people and not cause damage. She claims that women are more inclined towards these types of attitudes in everyday life. And this goes beyond the life and presence of our affections. What greater proof than the thousands of searching mothers? Claudia, how will you support them? What will be that second floor to the hugs and not the bullets of your administration, in order to contain murders and disappearances?

Education is a human right, even for newborns. The cancellation of children's stays has affected little ones more than fathers and mothers. What they were able to gain in mental, emotional, and physical development, there is no way to repair it. Textual: “Early education and comprehensive care for boys and girls under 3 years of age seeks the satisfaction of basic needs. Added to this are advances in the study of human development and neuroscience, which justify the importance that this stage of life deserves in global educational contexts. Consequently, each person should assume the commitment that implies the right to comprehensive development from birth and access to quality educational services, in formal and non-formal spaces” .php?script=sci_arttext&pid=S1409-4258201....

Jean Meyer: “In a city where disappearances have been unleashed in recent years in a historic manner, how many femicides have been hidden in the puddle of corruption and complicity?” Doesn't the doubt bother you?

Deep sadness for Israel and Palestine.

Clara Scherer
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