Darkness, a luxury in Mercedes-Maybach

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Blacking out a car as much as possible is a trend that has been going on for several years, and the Mercedes-Maybach Night Series has jumped on the bandwagon, but with a touch of super-luxury.

The series consists of each of the brand's vehicles No Not only does it have unique trims, but they all also come with darkened chrome, dark gloss wheels, herringbone interiors, and flashes of rose gold accents.

For starters, the Mercedes-Maybach S-Class They feature dark chrome exterior elements, including tailpipe finishes. This same decoration can be found in the Mercedes-Maybach GLS but with the addition of this finished in the chest ornament. In addition, the GLS adds electric dark anodized running boards.

Exclusively designed wheels with dark finish decorated with logos of Maybach, are present in all three models. But all is not darkness in the Mercedes-Maybach Night Series. In the headlights there are elements in rose gold, a touch that in my opinion gives a great contrast and luxury, as it should be in a Maybach. The keychain is also trimmed in rose gold.

Moving from details to body colors, all three Maybachs can get a two-tone black and silver paint treatment. If two tones are not to your liking, the body can be black or white. For their part, sedans can be painted gray.

As for the interior, all models have exclusive Napa leather upholstery. The S-Class offers the leathers in pearl black and intense white or pearl black with golden gray piping. SUVs are offered in Pearl Black or Pearl Black with Crystal White.

The Mercedes-Maybach Night Series will begin to hit the streets in the coming months of the year, while the eqs It will do so until 2024.

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