Danna Paola defies gravity

Danna Paola defies gravity
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In the midst of the rise of Peso Pluma, Taylor Swift and Bad Bunny there is a voice that little by little surpassed its limits of achievements this year: Danna Paola.

This year was one of the most important for the singer, as she closed her successful tour with XT4S1S Tour 2023, which began first in Mexico, until it spread throughout the United States and Latin America; increased his musical empire with releases such as 1Drink and We need to talkcoupled with collaborations with Sofía Reyes, Aitana, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike and Steve Aoki, with whom she was invited to be part of Tomorrowland, the acclaimed electronic music festival in Belgium.

Now, the 28-year-old interpreter closes 2023 as part of the magazine Forbesin which it shares the cover with Peso Pluma and Alemán, an edition that was aptly titled Mexican Powerbecause the shortlist contributed to 72% of the music listened to being in Spanish, in the country.

Danna, a woman whose achievements represent an important advance. The same medium reported that every eight minutes there is someone in the world listening to one of her songs. Of course, no one can resist Hey PaulFor example.

The director of Universal Music Mexico, Alfredo Delgadillo, emphasized that Danna's brilliance is unique, as she has immeasurable talent, creativity and diversity, managing to break some of the stereotypes that existed in Mexican music.

Artists like Danna Paola continue to challenge and shake up the music ecosystem and its national and Mexican consumption for the world. An artist who constantly reinvents herself and who does not stop impacting with every movement she makes, as recently happened with her interpretation of the national anthem in the fight of also Mexican Saúl Canelo Álvarez (against Jermell Charlo),” he highlighted, referring to the event that took place. place this year in Las Vegas, Nevada. She is an artist who defies gravity.

It also marked the tenth anniversary of Wickedthe Broadway musical that arrived in the capital with Danna as the interpreter of Elphaba, a decision that was criticized by some media, who thought that it would be a strategy only to raise the box office.

But, thanks to his powerful performance and talent, he extinguished all judgment and success was crucial to defining his emergence as a figure.

A decade after that green witch and the work, famous for its theme Defying Gravity, Danna seems to have learned to let go of her fears and dare to fly.

Everything you touch is gold

As if conquering the music industry were not enough, the singer also has the talent to shine in the world of fashion. She has attracted the attention of multiple international brands that have invited her to collaborate, being the image of Fendi, Puma, Calvin Klein, Pandora, Coca Cola and the most recent, Mac makeup.

Being selected as host of the Latin Grammys was no surprise, in fact, she returned to a country that adores her for having been the protagonist of the first generation of Elitethe series he made with Ester Expósito and Álex Speitzer.

10 million monthly listeners on Spotify doesn't hurt anyone at all. Adored in Chile, Peru and Argentina, Danna can continue to sit next to legends like Scottie Pippen, historic member of Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls.

He recently told the magazine Rolling Stone that she was beginning to embrace a darkness that allows her to be much more honest, since her childhood years, doing television, limited her and almost forced her to adopt an image that does not represent her at all.

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