Daniela Parra clarifies if her father has problems with prisoners

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After the sentence of more than 10 years in prison Hector Parraof course corruption of minors, Daniela Parra, the actor's daughter, revealed to the media about what the celebrity's stay in the city has been like. jail; in addition to clarifying if you have had problems with other inmates or prison guards.

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There is the idea that when a person enters the jailyou probably have problems with other prisoners or prison administrators. Thus, Daniela Parrathe descendant of Hector Parra revealed whether the actor has experienced issuessuch as violence or attacks by other prisoners, after four months of being sentenced.

"No no. Thank God, my dad is excellent, he doesn't have any problems. I have already seen that they say that he is extremely deteriorated and that... No, my father is excellently well and, inside the prison, the truth is that they have behaved very well with him. Even the managers and everything,” said Daniela Parra.

In addition to deny that Héctor Parra has problems in prison, Daniela Parra confessed that the actor has channeled negative thoughts to be in prisondue to the accusations of his daughter Alexa Hoffman for alleged corruption of minors, focusing on his artistic career. This is because it has been integrated into theatrical activities with inmates.

“Just now that he is in this theater thing, well that is his thing, really. In addition to being an actor, my dad likes directing and teaching and all that more,” commented Héctor Parra's daughter.

Daniela Parra talks about her sister's documentary

Daniela Parra denied that her father, Héctor Parra, had problems with other prisoners by being in the jail. However, when the media asked him about the documentary of the evidence that Alexa Hoffman had against the actor, this responded.

“Well, that documentary stayed there, I don't see evidence or anything. But the legal process is in the appeal; We are still waiting for it to be resolved. That's up to Sam (Samara Ávila), my lawyer, to wait and put in everything that's necessary," said Daniela Parra.

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