Daniel Sancho case: Thai police gave the go-ahead to repatriate the body of Edwin Arrieta

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Edwin Arrieta's family hopes that the body of the Colombian doctor will remain on Thai soil until the case is completed - credit: Europa Press

On Wednesday, August 23, 2023, it was learned that the Thai police gave the go-ahead for the body repatriation Colombian surgeon Edwin Arrieta. This was confirmed by the second in command of the police of the Asian country, Big Joke, who assured that: “We are ready to repatriate him. I understand the need to do this as soon as possible so that the necessary ceremonies and rituals can take place."

The decision was made because the police considered that the meet the conditions for the repatriation of the remains of Arrieta to Colombia, although it was also known that there are still some pending procedures, such as, for example, “Talk to the Colombian ambassador about whether they are willing to repatriate the body,” Big Joke explained..

The information about the authorization to begin the procedures to return the body of Edwin Arrieta to Colombia was well received by the family of the deceased, who hope bury him soonso he made it known Darling Arrietasister of Edwin Arrieta: "My mother cries out for two things, to have her son's body and that she can give him a Christian burial."

But, from the Colombian family they do not want the body to be moved so soon from Thai soil, because they hope keep it available to the authorities of the country until the case is resolved and the alleged culprit, Daniel Sancho, is condemned.

This because still several body parts need to be found of Edwin Arrieta who was dismembered into 17 piecessomething that casts doubt on whether with the repatriation the Thai police plans to stop looking for the remains of the Colombian. For the family lawyer, Luis Romero, the decision of the police in the Asian country made it took by surprise.

"The truth has surprised me, especially when of the 17 parts in which Mr. Edwin's body was dismembered, only 8 have appeared and 9 are missing. Regardless of whether they were located or not, I am surprised that with such speed the body"

The amount of information that has become known about the case of the murder and dismemberment of Edwin Arrietapresumably at the hands of daniel sanchohas left more doubts than certainties, since news about the actions of the authorities in the Asian country and the progress of the case are known every day.

And it is that the updates have led to the Edwin Arrieta's family not to speak publiclybecause she wants to be away from the controversy that the murder of the Colombian has caused, including the family lawyer in Spain, Louis Romeroassured that: "The family has requested that a break be made for a few days and not talk about how they feel."

Luis Romero, lawyer for the Arrieta family in Spain Credit: EUROPA ESPAÑA SOCIETY
Luis Romero, lawyer for the Arrieta family in Spain Credit: EUROPA ESPAÑA SOCIETY

After knowing the final results of the autopsy of the Colombian doctor and to confirm that he died with his throat cuta new hypothesis about the reasons that would have led Sancho to, supposedly, commit the crime was made public, since, apparently, he would have perpetrated the murder in order to protect your familyespecially his father Rodolfo Sancho.

The new theory was released after establishing that, apparently, Edwin Arrieta would have threatened Rodolfo Sancho with broadcast some videos of an intimate nature that could directly affect the work of the Spanish actor.

Another curiosity of the case has to do with the fact that the head of the investigation, Big Jokeassured that Daniel Sancho is not in the prison of Koh Samui, as had been thought up to now, but in that of Suratthani, something that has been denied by both the Spanish Embassy in Thailand and the chef's lawyers, which appears to be a translation error.

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