Daniel Elbittar is Sardine in Who is the Mask

Daniel Elbittar is Sardine in Who is the Mask
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The sixth episode of Who is the Mask not only did he maintain the usual expectation, but He also revealed the first eliminated of the night. The competition intensified between this week's featured characters: Pastelito, Sardinas and Jaguar, who They did their best to avoid being eliminated from the competition.

Sardinas, the first participant to take the stage, sparked a wave of speculation on social networks about his true identity. Many users pointed out that it could be Daniel Elbittar, highlighting clues such as references to Venezuela, his relationship with figures such as Angelique Boyer, Livia Brito and Marlen Favela (with whom he has worked previously), as well as the obviousness of his voice when speaking and singing.

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In the first round, the judges made the difficult decision to save Jaguar, leaving Pastelito and Sardinas at risk of elimination. The bets on the identity of Sardinas They varied among judges. Yuri speculated that it could be Jorge Arabela, Diego Torres suggested the possibility of Fonseca, Carlos Rivera raised the option of Héctor Suárez Gomis, Martha Higareda opted for Alejandro Noris, and Juanpa Zurita launched his bet on Daniel Elbittar.

Daniel Elbittar has collaborated with singers like David Bisbal

Finally, the revelations came, and Sardinas was discovered as Daniel Elbittar. Among the clues that the Venezuelan artist offered was his origin in Venezuela and his versatility as an actor and singer. He highlighted his participation in renowned soap operas and his collaborations with renowned artists such as David Bisbal, Samo and Espinosa Paz.

Sardinas' elimination marked a moment of surprise and shock for fans of the show. The competition continues, and subsequent episodes promise more revelations, shocking performances, and the lingering mystery about the identities behind the masks.


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