Daniel Bisogno would be in intensive and serious care

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Recently much has been said about the health of Daniel Bisogno, actor and host of a television show, his constant visits to the hospital have stood out, even colleagues like Pepe Magaña have replaced him in the play in which he participates. 'Lagunilla my neighborhood'.

It was precisely Pepe Magana who pointed out that the producer Alejandro Gou He was called back to replace Daniel Bisogno in the staging for the third consecutive week, due to his state of health.

“I really like Daniel... I've been filling in for him for two or three weekends and I have a great time. He has failed, he goes one day, he misses two… he feels bad, he feels bad, I see him very thin and I hope he recovers soon,” he declared on the YouTube channel of entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

They confirm that he is in therapy

It was the entertainment journalist, María Luisa Valdés Doria, who revealed that Daniel Bisogno was inHe is hospitalized in intensive care.

“Daniel Bisogno is unfortunately in intensive care, he has septic shock. We hope he recovers soon and that God brings him through,” she wrote.

Apparently the show notes presenter presents a septic shock.

What is septic shock?

Septic shock is a serious, life-threatening medical condition that occurs when an infection spreads throughout the body and causes an extreme systemic inflammatory response. This inflammatory response can lead to dysfunction of multiple organs and systems in the body. Septic shock is usually associated with bacterial infections, but can also be caused by fungal or viral infections.


Symptoms of septic shock may include high fever, tachycardia, difficulty breathing, low blood pressure, confusion, changes in skin color, among others. Early diagnosis and treatment are essential to improve the chances of survival.


Treatment of septic shock usually involves the administration of antibiotics to combat the underlying infection, as well as resuscitation with intravenous fluids and, in some cases, medications to raise blood pressure. Patients with septic shock often require intensive care and continuous monitoring.

It is important to note that septic shock is a serious medical emergency and must be treated immediately in a hospital setting. Prevention of infections and prompt treatment of underlying infections are key to reducing the risk of developing septic shock.


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