Dani Alves, Robihno and Neymar, Brazilian footballers with allegations of abuse

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Daniel Alvesformer soccer player FC Barcelonait was arrested in Spain for sexual assault in a nightclub in the Catalan city, an arrest that joins him to a list of brazilian soccer players that have been splashed by complaints of abuse or rape of women.

The former player of Seville, Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germainand now with UNAM cougarsis investigated as a result of a Testimony of a woman who claims that the Brazilian international sexually assaulted her the night of December 30.

The examining magistrate in the case has already agreed on the admission to prison without bail for the 39-year-old player, who played last Qatar World Cup with your selection.

Now, alves joins others Brazilian soccer players who have faced similar accusations.

Neymar Jr.
In 2019, a model presented a complaint in the city of São Paulo against the Canarinha star, in which he accused him of having raped her in a hotel in Paris.

After the complaint, the soccer player Paris Saint-Germain always be pleaded not guilty and recognized that had sexual intercourse with the woman, but that they had been spoiled.

The complaint was archived by the Brazilian Justice, at the request of the Prosecutorwhich alleged Lack of evidence and some contradictions in the version of the alleged victim, who was even investigated by false denunciation and extortion.

The attacker, also a former Barça player, was also accused by a Nike employeeto which supposedly tried to force him to perform oral sex in a hotel in New York, in 2016, as revealed by the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal five years later.

Before the commotion, Nike terminated its contract with the athlete because, according to the brand, refused to cooperate in the internal investigation open to clarify the facts, also denied by the striker.

robson desouzaformer player of Real Madrid, Manchester City Y AC Milanit was sentenced in 2017 to nine years in prison by an Italian court for his alleged participation in a gang rape a 23-year-old girl of Albanian origin.

The event occurred in 2013 in a Milan nightclubbut the footballer He declared that he was innocent and that the sex was consensual.

Nevertheless, the conviction was confirmed by the Supreme Court of Italy a year ago. The country's government requested his extradition, but the Brazilian Constitution does not allow extraditing its natural citizens.

However, the authorities could reach an agreement for the serving the sentence in Brazilpossibility redoubled last Wednesday by the current Minister of Justice, Flávio Dino.

Alexi Stival 'Cuca' He is one of the oldest and most successful coaches in all of Brazilian soccer, but in his time as a player in the Guild was seen involved in a scandal for "having sexual acts" with a minor under 13 years of ageWith three other of his classmates of team.

The events occurred in Bern, in 1987. The players involved were detained 30 days and, after paying a bond, they were paroled and returned to Brazil. Two years later, 'Cuckoo'who always denied his participation, was sentenced to 15 months in prison, but never served the sentence, already prescribed.

The striker was prosecuted for an alleged crime of rape in 2011based on the complaint filed by a 24 year old whom he met in a nightclub near Marseillein France.

The then soccer player Olympic Marseillewho was arrested for the case, admitted having had sex with her in his vehicle, but denied that he forced the young woman.

The French Justice filed the complaint a year later in light of the contradictions and inconsistencies in the testimony of the alleged victim.

Alessandro Faiolhe Amantinobetter known as Mancini, was sentenced in 2011 by a Court of Milan to two years and eight months in prison for having raped a young woman that he met during a party of his compatriot Ronaldinho.

As he then held prosecutionthe former player of Inter Y Rome, took advantage of the drunken state of the young woman and forced her to have sexual relations several timeseven causing injuries, in 2010. Mancini denied the accusations. Y assured it was agreed.

(With information from EFE)

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