Dani Alves points out that Mexican soccer players are ‘conformist’ | Video


This Tuesday, the Brazilian footballer Dani Alves valued Mexican soccer as conformist. The South American star considered that, although the level of Mexican players is competitive, many are resigned to being in a good team and that is how they think they have made their lives.

“I always said that the level of Mexican soccer is brutal, what is true is that they don’t think much, they are a little disorganized, the championship is there, but it can be improved”, said the midfielder in his first press conference as a Pumas player.

“I really like the good players in Mexico and it’s true that they don’t believe it very much, it’s my feeling, sorry if I’m wrong, but people are very conformist, if they go to Europe they already have life, if they are in a good team, for them it is life, but life is lived every day thinking that one can be better every day and that will differentiate you from others, “he added.

Alves’ comments come when the National University Club has five defeats and eight draws, of the fifteen games he has played. Similarly, the blue and gold team received a thrashing by losing 6-0 against Barcelona.

The greatest winner in the history of world soccer arrived at Pumas in July of this year and since then has been criticized for the team’s results.

“It is normal that everything falls to my account because in the end I bring with me a story behind and I appreciate it because they taught me that if you are going to fight, fight with the greats. There is no other way that the boys believe in what I propose at work, in paying the price for being someone, that they do not settle for resultsthe phase is bad, but it’s not bad, it’s different, “he said about the criticism received.

Alves also denied the rumors about his possible departure from Pumas and entry to America. “I will make it clear now: in Mexico I will only be in Pumas. I’m going to say the same as in Brazil: I only play in Sao Paulo, which is my team. It is the commitment that I assumed, I am not going to change it, ”he clarified.

(With information from Brandon Celaya)

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