Damage count from Hurricane 'Otis' in Guerrero LIVE October 29

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Sectur intensifies work for those affected by Otis

The Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marquésreported that the actions implemented by the agency under his charge continue with the purpose of contributing to the support of victims and tourists affected by the hurricane Otis in Acapulco, Guerrero, which began last Thursday, with the installation of the Collection Center on the Ground Floor from the offices of the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur), in charge of the General Directorate of Tourist Services Ángeles Verdes.

He highlighted that this Friday the first shipment with four tons of provisions left for the Secretary of the Navy (Semar), which, in coordination with Rear Admiral Arturo García Fernández, was transferred to the affected areas.

Secretary Miguel Torruco Marqués. │ Octavio Hoyos

He pointed out that this Collection Center, located at Avenida Presidente Masaryk 172, Bosques de Chapultepec neighborhood, Mexico City, will remain open from Monday to Sunday from 8 in the morning to 8 at night, for which he invited citizens to bring his donation, and thanked the people who have contributed with this invaluable support.

As part of the actions implemented by Sectur, Torruco Marqués indicated that, in Acapulco, 13 Ángeles Verdes vehicle units supported the transfer of tourists from the hotel zone to bus terminals and to the General Juan N. Álvarez International Airportto address the airlift that the Government of Mexico implemented in coordination with the airlines Aeroméxico, Viva Aerobus and Volaristowards Mexico City.

He pointed out that in the same way, the bus lines Costa Line, ETN Turistar Lujo, ADO and Estrella de Oro They supported the transfer of tourists from Acapulco to Chilpancingo and Mexico City.

He specified that on Saturday the evacuation of the approximately 12,500 tourists who were stranded in the three areas of the destination: Diamond, Golden and Traditional, of which around 98 percent was national tourism, was concluded.

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