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They ask that the Guerrero Congress meet urgently to define actions against damage from 'Otis'

The coordinator of the PRI Parliamentary Group, Héctor Apreza Patrón, considered it urgent that the plenary session of the local Congress meet to define a work route around the contingency generated by the hurricane Otisin addition to demanding the release of extraordinary resources to address the emergency and begin the reconstruction process of Acapulco and devastated communities.

Apreza Patrón considered it necessary for the popular representatives of Guerrero to define how they are going to channel humanitarian aid to the thousands of affected families, particularly in the most remote areas of Acapulco, where there is still no real dimension of the level of impact that the phenomenon had. natural.

Also, he stressed that we must begin work on legislative tasks that help guide the institutional actions carried out in the port, but also in municipalities such as Coyuca de Benítez, where it is known that the hurricane Otis generated a severe impact.

On the legislative issue, he said that a quick review of the economic package that the Government of Guerrero delivered on October 15 through the Ministry of Finance must be carried out, since inevitably, the effects of the hurricane will promote a reorientation of public spending.

The secretary of the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo), recognized that the local deputies who live in the port of Acapulco have surely already begun to carry out some work in an emergent manner, however, he highlighted that the efforts must be channeled in a collegial manner, so that there is more effective participation at this time. of emergency.

The Congress of Guerrero, according to Apreza Patrón, must call on the government of the Republic to allocate extraordinary resources in two moments; first to address the emergency and then to plan the reconstruction of Acapulco and other affected municipalities.

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