Daiki Hashimoto revalidates his title as world champion | Video

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The Japanese Daiki Hashimoto This Thursday he revalidated his title in the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships Antwerp 2023after a vibrant final, which was decided in the last device of the last rotation and in which the Ukrainian completed the podium Ilia Kovtun (silver) and the American Frederik Richard (bronze).

The Japanese Olympic champion22 years old, who entered the final 'on loan', thanks to his teammate Kazuma Kaya gave him a place thate did not have due to his poor performance in the qualifying roundwon it big.

This Thursday began with a bad floor exercise (13,466) which placed him in seventeenth position. He then undertook a monumental comeback: 14,366 in caball with bows14,000 in rings and a 15,000 in yeshigh. With two devices to go he was already second, 233 thousandths of the Chinese Sun Wei.

The defending champion was missing the parallel and bar, your best device; to Chinese, ground and pommel horse. But there was six gymnasts within a margin of 0.9 points.

The parallels (14,800) put to Hashimoto in the lead, followed by Richard and of chiba. If he didn't fail on beam, the title was his.

The Olympic champion nailed the bar routine (14,500), while weithe only Chinese in the finalfailed miserably on pommel horse and I finished in seventh position in a test that did not feature Russian gymnasts because the International Federation has not yet lifted the veto for the invasion of Ukraine.

In the end, Hashimoto added a score of 86.132, while the Ukrainian Kovtun achieved 84,998 and the American Richard, The youngest participant in the final at 19 years old, scored 84.332.

Since 2003, when the American won Paul Hammthere has not beenor no champion who is not Japanese, Chinese or Russian.

(With information from EFE)

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