Dad shaves his daughter for making fun of a classmate with cancer. Lesson or humiliation?

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“You can't regret it anymore,” is the phrase used by a father in a video circulating on TikTok, while shaving his daughter to teach her a lesson for making fun of a person with cancer; situation that generated a debate among social network users.

Without disclosing the place where this unique situation occurred, through the TikTok account a video was released in which a father appears while shaving his daughter, who cries inconsolably and prays because stop cutting his hair.

“No, I don't want to anymore,” the young woman says through tears while her father cuts her hair.

“It's not possible anymore, daughter; "You can't regret it anymore," says the man, who uses a machine to shave his daughter.

According to the Spanish media, shaving the young woman is the way a father used to teach a lesson to his daughter, who made fun of one of her classmates with cancer.

After the punishment was announced, social media users entered into a debate, since on the one hand there are those who congratulate the father of the family for a unique lesson, and on the other, those who reject that this form of punishment is the best for the education of the young woman.

“Very good for that dad.”

“Humiliating your daughter to teach her a lesson? Totally wrong.”

“More humiliating than making fun of someone who is in a difficult situation. Good for dad!”

“Very good lesson, hair grows, the lesson will help you and you will learn empathy.”

"I'm agree. I am sure that the young woman did not act with due compassion towards her sick companion. This must be a timely corrective before this person who is crying now becomes an abuser or offender in her adult life. Bravo".

“I wouldn't have had to do that if as a father I had educated her well since she was little,” are some of the comments that circulate on social networks after the father of the family's action. The inconsolable cry of a girl, punished for making fun of a classmate with cancer. It didn't take long for the images to go viral and spark a whole debate about the appropriateness or not of the punishment. In them you can see how a father shaves the entire head of his daughter, who cries pitifully. It's the way to make her 'pay' for laughing at a girl with cancer and put her in the shoes of the little girl who is suffering from the disease #children #noticiastiktok #hair #punishment #cancer ♬ original sound - We are a newspaper


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