Cyclone Freddy leaves seven dead in Madagascar | News

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The National Office for Risk and Disaster Management (Bngrc, acronym in Malagasy) of Madagascar notified this Thursday that the number of deaths after Hurricane Freddy passed through the eastern coast of the country increased to seven.


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The director general of the entity, Elack Andrianjaka, stated about the first four deaths that “unfortunately, one death occurred due to non-compliance with safety instructions. In fact, in Mahanoro (east) two people still set sail despite warnings and one of them lost his life."

Similarly, three people lost their lives after the collapse of a house that occurred in the town of Ambalavao; however, the relevant organizations have not yet specified details of the subsequent deaths.


Posted by BNGRC on Thursday, February 23, 2023

After the phenomenon, which has left more than 22,529 people displaced, the agency estimated that around 78,078 people have been affected in some way, as well as 20,014 homes.

Among the affected areas, the Bngrc counted the territories of Vatovavy, Fitovinany, Matsiatra Ambony, Menabe and Amoroni Mania. Likewise, the number of damaged homes amounts to 9,696 and the number of those completely destroyed is 1,206.

In this sense, 79 educational centers were reported damaged, 37 partially affected and six were destroyed.

The spokesman for the United Nations Organization (UN), Stephane Dujarric, said that "we are supporting the Government in the response and we have begun to provide assistance to some 7,000 people who were evacuated from their homes."

“Tropical Cyclone Freddy, one of the longest-lived systems in the southern hemisphere, has battered Madagascar with strong winds and high seas and now threatens Mozambique with dangerous and exceptional levels of rainfall,” the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) warned.

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