'Cutting will affect the capacity of the TEPJF'; reduction is equivalent to what is planned for eventual

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Because the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) presented a budget project 25% lower than that of 2018, an extra cut of 767 million pesos, that is, 20% of what was requested, would "seriously" affect the work of the Court in the 2024 electoral process.

This was considered by the presiding judge Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón, who called on the deputies to reconsider this cut by saying that “this Commission proposal would seriously affect the institutional capacity of the TEPJF, because the reduction that would be discussed is more or less equivalent to the amount that was projected for the hiring of personnel in the Regional Chambers, in the Superior Chamber, both in the general secretariats of agreements, and in the jurisdictional teams of each of the magistracies.

The TEPJF projected, by 2024, to use 960 million pesos for hiring temporary personnel, plus 85 million pesos as a precautionary budget for vote recounts in the country's elections that require it and 57 million for the required technological update.

Reyes Rodríguez made a “call to the Chamber of Deputiesto the members of the Budget Commission, so that the significance of this proposal can be reviewed, reflected on and assessed, which would undoubtedly affect institutional capacities."

In an internal informative note, the Court explains that the reduction of 767.2 million pesos is almost equivalent to the amount required for the hiring of temporary support personnel for jurisdictional functions, in presentations and general secretariats of agreement of the Superior Chamber, regional chambers and Chamber Specialized at TEPJF.

The expected increase in the number and complexity of cases that the Court will receive during 2024 requires expanding the operational capabilities and available jurisdictional personnel. This increase is necessary to guarantee the timely action of the Court."

It must be remembered that the TEPJF qualifies the elections for the Presidency of the Republic, in order to deliver the certificate of President-elect to the winner, and of the Legislative powersince it is the last instance to resolve conflicts over the distribution of proportional representation seats, as well as the qualification of elections by relative majority.

On September 12, Excelsior published that the TEPJF anticipated more than 18 thousand challenges, since it is expected that 2024 "will be one of the most litigious, due to the high competition and the importance of the positions in dispute."

To resolve these files, it was proposed to hire 634 temporary workers.

It is worth mentioning that, in the 2012 presidential elections, challenges increased to 26 thousand, however, due to the behavior of 2018, it was decided to take that figure, 18 thousand, as a basis for budgeting the hiring of temporary workers in 2024.

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If the cut of at least 71 million pesos for the Inai that the Chamber of Deputies proposes for 2024 is realized, the autonomous body would have to make readjustments and rearrangements in its programs.

In a radio interview, Julieta del RĂ­o Venegas, commissioner of the National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai)warned about the cuts that were proposed on Wednesday night, before the Budget and Public Accounts Commission begins the discussion of the Expenditure Budget of the Federation (PEF) 2024, this Friday.

Julieta del RĂ­o Venegas, commissioner of the Inai.Photo: Daniel Betanzos/Archive

He recalled that for next year, Inai requested an increase to its budget of only 6.5% nominal. The request was made to the deputies, but not as an increase, but as an adjustment.

Last week we went to the Chamber of Deputies and there we detailed the reason for this adjustment that we requested; It was not an increase as occurs in other cases, he indicated.

In the PEF 2024 project delivered in September by the Ministry of Finance, 1,168,401,619 pesos are proposed for the Inai.

If the budget remains like this, we will have to make some readjustments and rearrangements internally, especially in programs. We ask that we not be cut any more,” Commissioner Del Río urged.

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