Cuts to INE, Corte and Inai will go to scholarships; PEF 2024 advances in commissions

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Morena and her allies in the Chamber of Deputies they endorsed a snip of 21 billion pesos to autonomous organizations and the federal contributions for 2024.

The opinion of the Expenditure Budget was approved in committees with 32 votes in favor and 24 against of the opposition. Next week it will be discussed in plenary session, since it must be approved no later than November 15.

He cuts to organizations such as the INE, the Electoral Court, the Inai and the Judiciarywhich includes the Supreme Court, amounts to more than 13 billion pesos. This amount, according to the Morenista Erasmo González Robledo, will be allocated to branch 11 of Public Education, specifically to the Benito Juárez Scholarship program.

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Through these actions, the aim is to contribute to reducing the educational gap in rural and indigenous areas, as well as in communities with a high level of marginalization and poverty,” he noted.

The opposition criticized that the adjustment does not contribute to investment and does not consider resources labeled to serve the victims of the hurricane Otis.

About, Ignacio Mier, leader of the Morenoist caucus, said that there will be an item to attend to the emergency in Acapulco, which will be specified in a transitional article. This weekend they will define with the Treasury the amount to be allocated.


The ruling provides for cuts of 13,262 million pesos to autonomous powers and organizations.

  • Judicial power of the Federation: 6,465 million pesos
  • Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation: 321.9 million pesos
  • National Electoral Institute: 86.1 MDP
  • Chamber of Deputies: 937.07 MDP
  • Superior Audit of the Federation: 289.3 million pesos
  • Council of the Federal Judicature: 5,375.9 million pesos
  • Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation: 761.1 MDP
  • National Institute of Access to Information: 71.05 MDP
  • Senate Chamber: 410.3 MDP
  • Reduction to Federal Participations and Contributions to States and Municipalities, General Branches: 7,189 million pesos


With the majority vote of Morena and its allies of the PT and the Green Ecologistthe opinion of Federation Expenditure Budget 2024 in the Budget and Public Account Commissionwhich contemplates reductions to autonomous bodies for more than 13 billion pesos and states for 7,189 million pesos to federal contributions and participations.

The opinion of The 2024 Federation Expenditure Budget was approved with 32 votes in favor, 24 against by the PAN, PRI, PRD and MC; and zero abstentions. The opinion is expected to be discussed next week in the plenary session of the Chamber of Deputies.

The president of the Budget and Public Accounts Commission, the Morena deputy Erasmo González Robledo clarified that the budget reductions in the autonomous bodies amount to 13,262 million pesos, which will be allocated to branch 11 of Public educationspecifically to the Benito Juárez Scholarship program.

Through these actions, the aim is to contribute to reducing the educational gap in rural and indigenous areas, as well as in communities with a high level of marginalization and poverty,” he noted.

At the beginning of the debate, the PRI deputies requested a suspensive motion under the argument that there was a lack of time and publicity to carry out the due analysis and debate of the 2024 Budget, which was rejected by the Morena deputies.

Opposition legislators from the PAN, PRI, MC and PRD They spoke out against the federal budget proposal, considering that it is authoritarian by eliminating resources from autonomous bodies, does not contribute to investment and does not designate a specific item in the budget. reconstruction of Acapulco and Coyuca de BenĂ­tez.

Opposition deputies criticized that the Attorney General's Office (FGR), The National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) and the Inegi did not suffer reductions, due to the proximity of their heads to the head of the federal Executive.

He PAN federal deputy Héctor Saul Téllez Hernández called the budget proposal “authoritarian and vindictive,” pointing out the rcuts to the Judiciary, first with the extinction of its trusts for 15 billion pesos and then with the reduction of 6,485 million in the opinion, which, he considered, suffocates it budgetarily and makes it inoperative.

His partner from the PAN, Margarita Zavalacriticized that the budget privileges the government of Mexico and had no mention of the affected people from Guerrero.

If there is now a way to name the most needy in the country, they are called Guerreros and for them there was no measurement. No mention, no attempt,” he lamented.


He coordinator of the Morena deputies, Ignacio Mier Velazcoconfirmed that in the 2024 Federation Expenditure Budget there will be a special budget item for Warrior through a transitional article.

He indicated that this weekend they will analyze the Ministry of Finance the amount and will be added to those resulting from the work tables with the Judiciary.

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