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After the success of the first season and between that and the second installment of Dads on requestthe actors and singers Jorge Blanco, Lalo Brito and Michael Ronda began to compose music and approached Disney executives to show them their songs with the remote hope that some of them could be heard in this second part that shows three young people who are raising a teenager while pursuing the dream of establishing themselves as a band.

It all started because in the first season we got together to write for pure fun. It was like, 'Oh, let's write things.' Then, between seasons one and two, we started working, we got together with other producers to help us shape the songs because we are composers, but we don't have the head of an audio engineer. So we got together and made five or six songs in total, we sent them and in the end they chose three. We wanted them to choose at least one, but there were three, so on the composition side it is a compliment that they chose our songs,” Jorge Blanco told Excelsior.

After having premiered this original Disney series in July 2022, starting this Wednesday you can see the seven episodes of the second season in which you will hear the original songs of the trio of actors, whose name is: Come, I like it and Although you are not here. Other themes will be added to these themes, reversed by the protagonists, such as Gentle, by Luis Miguel, or Let no trace be left, of Bronco.

In Dads on request Mexico is a character and we are giving its place to its landscapes, its colors and its music. I feel that this is great and it is even more cool to take it with pride to countries outside of Mexico,” commented Jorge Blanco, who plays Miguel Rosales.

In order to carry out the recordings of this series, which was directed by Max Zunino, the young protagonists took music classes, as well as certain instruments, to be able to perform in front of the camera the various songs that will be heard throughout the series. plot that complements its cast with Farah Justiniani, who plays California, the adopted daughter, Fátima Molina, California's mother, as well as Mauricio Isaac, Alfonso Borbolla and Daniel Haddad.

We take tuba, clarinet, drums classes... all of this to enhance the regional musical part of Mexico,” added Lao Brito, who gives life to Diego.

In this second installment of Dads on requestthe musical part will be mixed with the emotional conflict that California will experience when not knowing how to tell his mother that he does not want to go live with her in Oaxaca, since he wants to be in the city with both her and his parents.

I think it's very nice to be able to represent the different families. Different in some way, perhaps to put it in a word because in the end it is life, it shows the families that exist today and the power to make it seen on a screen, in a Disney series, which many teenagers watch, Well, I think it's very cute," Farah Justiniani, who plays California, told this newspaper.

This feeling was joined by Fátima Molina, an actress who will be part of the adventures of the three adoptive parents and who will travel with them and with California in an ice cream van to go on a musical tour.

That's what life is. It's not about putting a label on it, because sometimes we decide to be a family with friends or sometimes we decide what we believe is family and I think what Disney is painting is just that: a family built by three fathers, a mother and a teenager. We are trying to leave aside what is 'right' or 'what is wrong' because here there is a lot of love involved, there is a lot of care involved and that is something that we should take into life more than 'the duty to be '” said Molina, who will also be seen singing in this second season.

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