Cumulative impact of 780 million dollars in Mexican industry

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At the end of the fifth week of the automotive strike in the United States, the National Auto Parts Industry (INA) estimates that the economic impact for Mexico has already reached 780 million dollars.

According to the organization, the amount already represents 1% of the total exports made by the auto parts industry to the United States in 2022, although it does not rule out that this amount will continue to rise depending on the length of time the conflict between the manufacturers and the United Auto Workers lasts. (UAW).

However, he acknowledged that it is possible that the strike could come to an end, this after the union reached a preliminary agreement with Ford Motor Company, since last week, after negotiations, three of the unemployed complexes were allowed to open. and the return of all the workers of this company to productive work.

Although the agreement will have to be ratified in an open vote by union members, it constitutes an unequivocal sign of interest in reaching a satisfactory solution for both parties.”


Currently, the unemployed plants are reduced to five belonging to Stellantis and General Motors (GM), such as Stellantis in Toledo, Ohio, GM in Wentzville, Missouri, GM in Lansing Delta Township, Michigan, Stellantis in Sterling Heights, Michigan and GM in Arlington, Texas.

Added to these are the 38 distribution centers for parts of these two companies that remain without activity.

The restart of activities at the three Ford plants originally on strike in the United States will have a positive effect on the national supply chain. It should be noted that these three plants in particular represented an impact of $434 million dollars from September 15 to October 25, equivalent to 58% of the total impact of the strike in the same period,” said the INA.

Despite this, the National Auto Parts Industry (INA) maintains its growth expectations for this year, as they expect to reach a value of auto parts production of more than 117 thousand 530 million dollars, which means an increase of 2.1% in comparison to the levels reached in 2022.

The sector also maintains the expectation of reaching 900 thousand direct jobs.

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