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In an emotional match against Puerto Rico, the Cuban women's handball team won the gold medal at the XXIV Central American and Caribbean Games "San Salvador 2023", with a tight score of 29-28.


Cuba defeats Nicaragua in the start of Central Caribbean handball

The Don Bosco Multi Gymnasium was the scene of a clash decided in extra time of 10 minutes, after a draw at 26 goals in regulation time. The Puerto Ricans had dominated the first half of the match 14-12 and the Cubans the second, with the same score.

Regardless of the result, both teams also managed to qualify for the Pan American Games in Santiago de Chile, to be held from October 20 to November 5.

The most outstanding player for the representation of Cuba was Gleinnys Reyes with an effectiveness of 83 percent in her shots at the goal and with 15 goals, more than half of those achieved by her team.

Other outstanding among the Central American champions were Yennifer Toledo, with five goals and Dianny González, with four. For the silver medalists, Sheila Hiraldo stood out on offense with seven points and Nathalys Ceballos with six.

“We are very strong in defense, our main weapon in this duel; We didn't feel pressure because we released all of it in the semifinal match and we enjoyed the game for gold, Cuba's goalkeeper, Niurkis Mora, assured the press.

The athlete, who had the arduous task in extra time, of keeping the Cuban team's minimal advantage, also highlighted: “Although Puerto Rico beat us in the clash for first place in the group, they knew that we were not going to stay behind. arms crossed and we were going for the title”.

With today's victory, Cuban women's handball improved its performance in Barranquilla 2018, a Central Caribbean event in which it came third. In that event, the Dominicans won the gold medal and the Puerto Ricans the silver.

Precisely, on Wednesday the Cuban team defeated the Dominican Republic 33-27 in one of the semifinals, which prevented the Dominican Republic from retaining the crown and, on this occasion, they settled for bronze, but not before defeating the Dominican Republic 29-27. mexican.

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