Cuba urges the US to comply with bilateral migration agreements | News


Cuba’s Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, Josefina Vidal, urged the United States Government on Wednesday to comply with the bilateral migratory agreements entered into.


Cuba and the US will talk about migration issues

The Cuban diplomat published on her Twitter account that in statements to international media she ratified “Cuba’s commitment to the migration agreements signed with the US to guarantee regular, safe and orderly emigration.”

In this sense, the Cuban deputy foreign minister emphasized that the government has “the will to hold regular rounds of talks in this area of ​​common interest.”

The sources reveal that Vidal stressed that when these bilateral agreements are breached, migratory peaks occur, exacerbated by coercive measures and consular obstacles.

In line with this, the official stated that the migration policy of the United States to Cuba is incoherent and differentiated.

Similarly, he urged the US government to grant in Havana the visa of Cubans who aspire to travel to its territory due to the high costs involved in traveling to a third country.

Likewise, he denounced the actions carried out by the US administration in Central American countries with the aim of demanding the establishment of specific requirements for the transit of Cubans.

Talks to address immigration issues and the granting of a minimum of 20,000 visas were stalled in 2018 during the administration of then-President Donald Trump.

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