Cuba seeks to strengthen ties with China through direct flights between Beijing and Havana

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Beijing, Nov 8 (EFECOM).- The Prime Minister of Cuba, Manuel Marrero Cruz, expressed his interest in establishing direct flights between Beijing and Havana, a measure aimed at facilitating trade and business between both nations.

"I hope we can launch the direct flight tomorrow. But unfortunately we still do not have a clear schedule. But I think it could start next year," Marrero mentioned in statements made this Tuesday during a business forum in the capital of the Asian giant.

This proposal arises as economic and commercial cooperation between China and Cuba intensifies, generating a growing demand for direct flights, Marrero stated, according to the official newspaper Global Times.

The Cuban leader also emphasized the importance of attracting foreign investments and improving autonomy in food production.

In addition, he declared that Cuba is working on the transformation of its energy system, including wind and solar energy projects, and on the digitalization of Cuban television in collaboration with the Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei.

Regarding his meeting on Monday with the president of China, Xi Jinping, Marrero highlighted the "special relationship of unbreakable friendship" between the island nation and the Asian giant and the progressive growth of these ties.

In turn, the Cuban prime minister expressed his gratitude for China's continued support and reiterated his opposition to the United States embargo.

"I can guarantee, and I can say with confidence, that without a blockade, Cuba would be a country that would have achieved a lot in economic development," Marrero declared.

The Cuban leader began his official trip to China in the megalopolis of Shanghai (east), where this weekend he attended the Asian giant's VI International Import Exhibition and met with his Chinese counterpart, Li Qiang.

This is Marrero's first visit to China since he was appointed prime minister in 2019.

The prime minister's visit follows that made by the president of his country, Miguel Díaz-Canel, in November last year and in which Xi assured his Cuban counterpart that China "will do everything possible to provide support" to the Cubans in the face of the "great challenges" they face.

The island has been mired in one of its worst crises for several years due, among other factors, to the inefficiency of its centralized economic system, resulting in shortages of fuel, food, medicine and other basic products.

Cuba and China, with diplomatic ties since 1960, maintain close political, economic and commercial relations, in which the Asian country stands out as one of the main allies of the communist island.

After his stay in China, Marrero is expected to travel to Belarus, where he will remain until November 12, according to the Cuban Foreign Ministry. EFECOM


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