Cuba rejects the interventionist role of the OAS in Latin

Cuba rejects the interventionist role of the OAS in Latin America | News

Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel rejected this Monday the interference of the United States and what he called its instrument, the Organization of American States (OAS) in the Latin American and Caribbean region, regarding the celebration of the Summit of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (Celac).


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The Cuban president celebrated the “joy [que] is completed and honored by the full reincorporation of Brazil by decision of dear Lula”, to whom he expressed “all his support and solidarity in the face of the violent and anti-democratic acts that tried to generate chaos and disrespect the will of the majority of the Brazilian people”, last 8 January.

Díaz-Canel criticized the interventionist policy of the United States, which “continues the effort to divide us, stigmatize us and subordinate us to their interests, almost 200 years after the promulgation of the Monroe Doctrine” and cited, in this sense, the recent so-called Summit of the Americas “carried out in Los Angeles, where abusing his power as host and closing his eyes and ears to the claim of the majority, he excluded, fractured, ignored.”

However, the Cuban Head of State highlighted, “the stubborn reality will always be stronger than any attempt to divide us, because we share challenges derived from an unjust, plundering and undemocratic international order” and recalled that the region is “still the most unequal in the planet”.

Likewise, Díaz-Canel confirmed that Cuba supports “as an interesting and useful project” the idea of ​​establishing the Latin American Medicines Agency.

He denounced, on the other hand, that “the United States insists on destroying the development model that we Cubans have sovereignly decided to build, through a cruel, illegitimate, illegal and immoral policy of economic asphyxiation” and rejected the inclusion of Cuba in the list of States who allegedly sponsor terrorism.

In the central statement of his speech, the Cuban president ratified that Havana and his government “do not recognize, nor will we recognize any authority to the OAS, which is the organization that at the service of the United States supported and supports military interventions, coups d’état and interference in Latin America and the Caribbean against popular and legitimate governments The OAS is the organization that did nothing against the murders, torture, forced disappearances, and persecution of social, progressive, and left-wing leaders in the region, who will remain forever in our memory.”

He predicted success for the management of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines at the head of Celac for this year 2023, whom he said that he will accompany in his capacity as president of the Group of 77.