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The President of the Republic of Cuba, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, and his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, agreed on Monday to strengthen bilateral relations between the two nations, taking into consideration the principles of strategic cooperation and the traditions of mutual understanding.


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Through a telephone conversation, both leaders examined the progress in economic, commercial, and bilateral investment cooperation between Cuba and Russia; in addition to discussing the guidelines to promote joint actions in the international sphere.

“I had a cordial and fruitful telephone conversation with President Putin. We exchanged on the excellent state of relations and future development of ties in the different spheres. Also on the current international situation”, specified the Cuban head of state.

Who also thanked the Russian Government for the solidarity aid provided during the epidemiological context of Covid-19 that the Caribbean country is going through, aggravated by the economic and financial blockade that the United States imposes on the Island.

Among some of the supplies sent by the Eurasian giant are food goods, medicines, oxygen concentrators, pulmonary ventilators, syringes, and other items necessary during the rebound in infections of the new coronavirus in Cuba, during the past 2021, and what is going on Give him this year.

It should be noted that, among the cooperation plans, the shipment of a greater quantity of fertilizers to the Caribbean nation is projected to boost the agricultural and metallurgical industry; in addition to promoting the modernization of Russian aircraft used by Cubana de Aviación.

The commercial exchange between the Eurasian nation and Cuba in 2019 registered figures of more than 500 million dollars. however, last year and as a consequence of the scourge of the Sars-Cov-2 virus, it was reduced by almost 15 percent.

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