Cryptocurrencies: the SupraFin app will now allow you to make crypto deposits


The largest crypto investment app in the US, SupraFin, has modified its tool for handling cryptocurrencies. A new feature allows its users to access comparison reports for making crypto deposits.

The application provides investment algorithms that direct its users to the best options in the digital currency market. Recommendations are based on the relative value of 74 cryptocurrencies and indicate the most suitable to invest.

This new feature allows the deposit of cryptocurrencies for the purchase of new ones through the recommendations offered to gain exposure to higher returns.

“A trust deposit takes anywhere from a few hours to 3 days to complete. On the other hand, crypto deposits take only a few minutes and the associated transaction fees are relatively low. The SupraFin app has seen a remarkable monthly customer growth of 500% with little marketing effort. This new feature will continue to accelerate the adoption of the SupraFin application”, detailed Liliana Reasor, president of SupraFin. United States, Inc.

The user can create and manage a diversified portfolio of cryptocurrencies according to the risk models of the experts. Performance reports for each cryptocurrency can be checked in the app.

The initial investment can be $100. Withdrawal of cryptocurrencies can be done at any time.

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