crying about climate change

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Margarita Chacón's work is a mixture of color that reflects moods, feelings and an invitation to the viewer to participate in it. From everyday figures she moved on to abstraction: light and shadows that show total freedom from the canvas, the paper or the element she uses.

His taste and career in art, tells Image Groupbegins when as a child she painted booklets with her watercolorist grandmother.

My work is very colorful, I say that I am more of a colorist than a draftsman, but within that color I express moods and feelings.

I started painting landscapes, still lifes, flowers, portraits, animals, but that didn't really fulfill me, until abstraction arrived to enjoy color for color, light, shadows and it really is what I enjoy the most. “I feel completely free with this type of painting.”

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Although her great references are Rufino Tamayo, David Alfaro Siqueiros, Pablo Picasso and Fernando de Szyszlo, for Margarita Chacón the opportunity that painting, photography or the object gives the creator is the ability to constantly reinvent themselves.

I will always be an emerging artist because it is about constantly reinventing yourself so as not to stagnate and always look for the best.”

The visual artist, who has more than 90 group exhibitions and 19 individual exhibitions in national and international galleries and museums, recognizes the commitment that the art creator must have with the environment and the planet, since due to the abuse of human beings The elements are exhausted.

“I am in love with oil paint, but I am trying more and more to use more acrylic: it pollutes less.”


For the BBVA Image 23 Summit. Sustainability, the artist will donate the object art piece Crying.

I tried to use elements from nature, I am using a branch which was painted white and from that branch I am using tears made of blown glass that are used in Dolores' altars. These tears represent crying for the damage we are doing to nature, it is a call to take care of our surroundings and take care of the environment.”

Margarita Chacón has been recognized with awards such as Party of the Leonardo Da Vinci International Festival in Mexico City or the Golden Scroll of merit Andrés Henestrosa in Oaxaca.

The artist will exhibit on October 27 at the Tridimensional Museum of Azcapotzalco.

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