Cruz Azul takes out its claws, defeats León and maintains hope for Play-in

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Blue Cross got his first victory at home in the Apertura 2023 and with this he managed to maintain Long live the hope of entering the final phase of the seasonafter imposing 1-0 to León in a match corresponding to the Day 14played on the Azteca Stadium field.

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The directed by Joaquín Moreno They were aware that they needed to win to continue in the fight for a place in the Play-In, that was what pushed them to look for the opposing goal from the beginning of the match, because Carlos Rotondi finished off a ball on the edge of the areasending him over the emeralds' goal.

A few moments later Juan Escobar surprised the visiting squadbecause he sent a long distance center, which Ángel Sepúlveda controlled with his chestto impact the round by entering the rival area, beating goalkeeper Rodolfo Cota and thus score the goal that put the cement producers ahead 1-0.

Those from the shoal had no reaction and the blues took advantage this situation to look for his second target, leaving very close in a shot by Colombian Willer Dittawhich passed close to the visitors' goal.

For the second half Nicolás Larcamón's pupils took to the field with the intention of seeking a tie and the Spanish Borja Sánchez was about to achieve it, when he hit the segments, which came from a center in the areasending it on one side of the Andrés Gudiño's goalwasting the clearest play for his team.

Those of La Noria They did not give up the attack and generated scoring opportunitiesbut they lacked aim, because Ignacio Rivero, Rotondi and Sepúlvedathey had situations to score, leaving the fans with the cry of a muffled goal in the throat.

Adonis Frías was able to equalize the scoreby lowering a ball in the light blue area and finishing the ball, but Andrés Gudiño was very attentive and rejected the ballkeeping your goal at zero.

Cruz Azul remains with possibilities mathematics of entering the final phase of the championship, upon reaching 14 points and locate in the position number 16Meanwhile he Lion he stayed with 19 unitsin the Play-In area.


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