Cruz Azul falls and is left without the Liguilla against an Atlas that knew how to resist

He Blue Cross Tuca Ferretti fell by the slightest difference at the Azteca stadium against Atlas Due to the slight difference, the Foxes knew how to hold onto an early lead and sealed their pass to the quarterfinals with a relatively surprising result since La Máquina started with a slight favoritism.

Atlas went up very early, just minute 2 of the game with a goal from Uruguayan Brian LozanoSaid score was enough for those led by Benjamín Mora who knew how to put up with the cement growers to seal their pass to the Liguilla of the Clausura 2023 Tournament of Mexican soccer.

In the second half, those led by Tuca Ferretti tried from all sides but between fortune and the resistance of the foxes they made Cruz Azul go blank. Camilo Vargas had outstanding interventions for the rojinegros and at minute 69 the controversy came with a penalty claimed by the cementers and that the referee did not even check through the VAR.

In this way the Cruz Azul, who had come from 8th place in the play-offs and who had noticed a certain improvement since the arrival of Ricardo Ferretti, sees their chances vanish in the hands of Atlasa team that had been classified in the ninth box and that will once again taste the honeys of the Liguilla of Mexican soccer.

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