“Crucify them…!”

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Francisco Garfias.

Yesterday's session in the Chamber of Deputies seemed like a copy of the votes of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. The browns and their hindrances approved alone and in fast-track modifications to the Mining Law to nationalize lithium, without even analyzing the proposal that the president sent them the day before.

The only thing that seemed to matter to them was matching the cards, after the setback that the solid opposition bloc dealt AMLO and his regressive electrical reform.

The rejected reform intended to return the monopoly of the electricity industry to the State, promote the use of fossil fuels to the detriment of the environment, and disregard international commitments assumed by Mexico.

The dark-skinned are used to not touching a comma on the president's initiatives. It is the instruction of the National Palace. With these limitations, it is not possible to negotiate with the opposition.

At the table you have to give in to advance. They deceitfully wanted to make believe that they were taking up nine of the 12 proposals of the Alianza Va por México in the electrical reform. It was shown to be false.

With the issue of lithium not even appearances saved. Unlike a constitutional reform, a simple majority suffices to modify a Law. They have it and they applied it.

Now it goes to the Senate, where I know that there is more dialogue with the opposition, despite the very small snipers who are trying to take down Ricardo Monreal.


It is an axiom (true that does not need to be proven) that the official majority practices the dogma of López Obrador's infallibility.

The most radical see in Tabasco a mixture of Father Hidalgo, Benito Juárez, Francisco I. Madero, Lázaro Cárdenas and Adolfo López Mateos. The most religious even compare him to Jesus Christ: he is the way, the truth and the life. "It's an honor to be with Obrador!" Everyone yells at the slightest provocation.


Those who oppose the Tabasco projects are traitors, traitors who must be "crucified". This is how the PT deputy, Margarita García, said it verbatim in the debate on the electrical reform.

The ardor for the failure of the electrical reform reaches that degree. They are the ones who now need Vitalicin.

The PAN-PRI-PRD Coalition, which voted massively in abstention for the changes to the Hydrocarbon Law, made a vacuum for them. Its deputies left the session hall in protest because, in their haste, the members of the ruling majority skipped all the legislative requirements.

They refused to debate an initiative they didn't even know about. They knew in advance that they were going to wholesale.

Movimiento Ciudadano stayed alone in the session hall, only to have all the reservations it made to the ruling automatically beaten down.

The vote in abstention of the Coalition goes by Mexico was explained by the PRI Rubén Moreira.

"We believe that lithium should be in the hands of Mexicans, but we believe that these types of initiatives have to be reviewed in depth to see their scope," he said.

Moreira specified that in the quick glance he gave the initiative, he saw that in one of its sections it indicates that the entire production chain would depend on a decentralized company that they intend to create. Lithiumex?

Another of the modifications to the Mining Law says:

“Areas with lithium deposits will be considered mining reserve areas. It is recognized that lithium is the patrimony of the Nation and its exploration, exploitation and use are reserved exclusively for the people of Mexico.

Lithium is classified as an alkali metal more resistant than carbon. It has the ability to store and transfer large amounts of energy. Its main use is the manufacture of batteries; ceramics and glass, lubricating greases, air treatment.


Mario Delgado brings desire for revenge. He does not remove the burning even with anesthesia. The president of Morena looks smaller and smaller. He did not go so far as to call for the crucifixion of opposition legislators, but to the threat of displaying them as traitors in their places of origin.

What he said is verbatim:

“People are very awake. People are highly politicized. People are very informed. We are sure that the people of Mexico will call them to account sooner than we imagine.

“For now, in the six states where there are elections, we are going to invite our deputies to inform the people of what the legislators did. traitors, so that next June 5 people consider that when voting.”

Long live polarization!


The charge “Crucify them…!” first appeared in The Arsenal.

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