Cristina Fernández assumes her self-defense in the Viability Cause | News


The Argentine vice president, Cristina Fernández, will make statements this Friday as a lawyer in her own cause on the third day of the presentation of her defense plea before the Federal Oral Court 2 for the Road Cause.


Final argument begins in trial against Cristina Fernández

The former president posted on Twitter that “starting at 9:30 a.m., Dr. Beraldi will continue disarming the lies of Luciani and Mola and from 11 a.m. I will exercise my own defense in accordance with article 104 of the CPPN (Criminal Procedure Code of the Nation) “.

Lawyer Carlos Beraldi, who is in charge together with Ary Llernovo of Fernández’s defense, announced this Tuesday that the head of the Senate presented through a written document her decision to “personally assume my own technical assistance.”

For its part, article 104 of the CPPN states that all defendants “may also defend themselves personally provided that this does not prejudice the effectiveness of the defense and does not impede the normal conduct of the process.”

From this, the competent court authorized the exercise of self-defense “jointly with Dr. Carlos Alberto Beraldi” after the lawyer carried out an outstanding job on Monday.

Accordingly, the former president reported that Beraldi, in addition to “undressing the script of Luciani and Mola”, the prosecutors requesting the sentence of 12 years in prison, “went much further: he proved in documented form that Luciani and Mola blatantly lied”.

After the day on Tuesday, Fernández published a fragment of the hearing “where Dr. Beraldi -as I told you yesterday- demolished the lies and fake news of Luciani and Mola. More than prosecutors, they look like trolls.”

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