Cristiano Ronaldo after being close to 200 games with Portugal: "I will not resign from the national team"

Cristiano Ronaldo, who if he plays this Tuesday against Iceland will reach 200 games with Portugal, said he will not resign from the Portuguese team and that his path "will not end soon" because he continues to be an asset to the team, with goals and "good displays".

"As long as I feel motivated and that all the people who are by my side like my presence, my participation and my leadership, I will not give up the team", He pointed out at a press conference in Reykjavik, where this Tuesday Portugal faces Iceland in the qualifying phase for Euro 2024.

The Saudi Al-Nassr forward assured that his performance is still good and that he can "help, scoring goals and good exhibitions", and insisted: "I'll be here until I think I should."

“Making 200 internationalizations is not just anything. It shows the love I have for playing with the national team. I want to continue playing, bringing joy to my family, my friends, all the Portuguese, because it has been a long road but it will not end soon”, he insisted.

In addition, he did not rule out new titles with the Portuguese team, after winning the 2016 Euro Cup and the 2019 League of Nations.

“I am reaching quite a few records and that leaves me happy and with the ambition of still wanting to make a lot of history for Portugal. I am hopeful that we can win even more titles", he stressed.

He assured that, after 20 years playing with the "quinas", he still feels "nervous" when he listens to the anthem, although his experience has changed some things.

"There are other factors that are more important, due to the fact of also being captain, of having this generation of players so young and trying to be an example", highlighted Cristiano, who feels he still has "a lot" to give.

“I like to live only in the present. The future only God knows. But the moment is good and I want to continue ”, he reiterated.


Cristiano considered that it would be "excellent" to finish his 200th game, a new record that adds to his career, with a goal, but he assured that the "important" thing is the victory of Portugal and its path to the Eurocup.

“We know that it is a difficult game, with a good team, that plays in front of their fans. But we have our weapons and I am sure that we are going to do well, ”he said.

Asked if playing in the Saudi League would make it difficult for him to remain in the national team, Cristiano was blunt.

“It doesn't interfere with anything because since I played in Saudi Arabia I've been coming to the national team. I played three games, so it does not affect. You should ask the coach this question. I am very happy, ”he settled.

Cristiano played his first game for Portugal at the age of 18, a friendly against Kazakhstan in August 2003.

Since then he has added 199 games and 122 goals.

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