Cristian Castro does his thing again and debuts a new look that gave people something to talk about


During the last few weeks, the singer Cristian castro has been given the task of giving the public interesting looks during their participation in the program “Sing with me now”, and Although not all the opinions have been positive, he has once again surprised with a new change. Here we tell you the details!

Once again, the interpreter of “Azul” left Internet users with their mouths open with the outfit she chose for the most recent gala of the Argentine reality show in which she participates.

On this occasion, Cristian Castro he painted his hair with blue and red stripes in a show of support for Club Atlético San Lorenzo de Almagroone of the most traditional football teams in Argentina.

“I am Raven”said the son of Verónica Castro and ‘El Loco’ Valdés after arriving at the television forum. Of course, the moment was captured and was broadcast through the official account of the El Trece channel in Argentina.

Cristian Castro arrived at #CantaConmigoNow with a very particular dress and hairstyle“, detailed the production of the program to accompany the audiovisual. Of course, several of the attendees did not want to take a photo of the memory with the Mexican singer.

It should be noted that dozens of Internet users did not hesitate to share their opinion about the singer-songwriter’s new look. However, while some loved her choice of outfit and hair, others were disappointed in her participation in the show.

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