Crime of the Rosario Central fan: they believe that the fugitive crossed into Bolivia and requested a red alert from Interpol

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The place where the Rosario Central fan was killed

After they have charged the only detainee in the case of the Rosario Central fanthe Prosecutor's Office assured that they have sufficient elements to believe that the identified suspect who remains a fugitive is in Boliviaso they made an international arrest warrant to the Interpol.

Ariel Matias Cabrera42 years old, was formally accused of the crime of aggravated homicide for having been committed on the occasion of a sporting event. The indictment hearing was conducted by the prosecutor Gaston Avilawhile the criminal judge of first instance Florentino Malaponte decided to give him effective preventive detention for the period of law.

However, who is believed to have been his accomplice, Damián Reifenstuel, remains a fugitive. In addition, there would be a third person involved in the incident, but authorities have not yet been able to identify him.

Regarding Reifenstuel, the prosecutor assured: “We have reliable information and we consider that he crossed into Bolivia, through the town of Salvador Mazza,” which is why he indicated that they have alerted the Bolivian authorities. “He would have done it ten days ago, before the images went viral,” he indicated and clarified that he did not do it through the updated border crossings, according to information from the local media. Rosario3.

Consequently, Ávila mentioned that they have already requested a red alert from Interpol to be able to find his whereabouts. According to the portal The citizenthe prosecutor also said that the man does not have the means to remain a fugitive, since they found expired passports in the raid carried out at his home in the Pérez neighborhood and seized his accounts.

On the left of the image, Damián Reifenstuel. On the right, Ariel Cabrera
On the left of the image, Damián Reifenstuel. On the right, Ariel Cabrera

He also maintained that the hypothesis that he received support from a close person was ruled out, since his parents died and his other relatives, such as the mothers of his children, were made available to Justice as soon as the whereabouts request was published. .

Reifenstuel could be identified thanks to the testimony of a taxi driver who saw him attacking the young woman, called the police and even told him: “Skinny, you killed a little girl,” according to Cella.

The event occurred on September 30 on Ovidio Lagos Street, between Montevideo and Pellegrini Avenue, shortly after the Rosario classic was played. Ivana Garcilazo, the victim, was returning from watching the game at the Gigante de Arroyito, so he was wearing the Central shirt. She arrived at a traffic light and was allegedly attacked with stones by the suspects. A blow to her right temple caused her death. Her boyfriend was traveling behind her on another motorcycle and witnessed everything. For this reason, she confronted Cabrera.

“The three suspected of having participated in the crime met that day to eat and watch the game at the house of the third party's brother, who has not yet been identified, and these three went after the classic to the scene of Ivana's crime,” he explained. the victim's family lawyer Marcos Cella.

After the crime, Cabrera continued with his normal routine, until the Public Prosecutor's Office (MPA) posted a video in which the two suspects are seen fleeing the crime scene. After that Justice post, he cut a bun that he wore five years ago and stopped going to the Social Lux club, where he worked.

The crime occurred on September 30 in the vicinity of Gigante de Arroyito
The crime occurred on September 30 in the vicinity of Gigante de Arroyito

Unlike his accomplice, Reifenstuel completely changed his life: he spent part of his illness in the educational establishments where he worked and later resigned.

According to the evidence that Ávila has, both maintained telephone communication after the event and met later in Pérez. However, after that, Reifenstuel is believed to have fled. Cabrera, on the other hand, surrendered to Justice. He had an arrest warrant and a ban on leaving the country was in effect against him. Meanwhile, they are working to identify the third party involved.

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