Creel Miranda asks López Obrador to respect legislative work

The President of the Board of Directors of the Chamber of Deputies, Santiago Creel Miranda, made a call to avoid a confrontation between two Powers of the Union and summoned the President of the Republic, Andres Manuel Lopez Obradornot to fall into false debates, but to seek collaboration through democratic dialogue and respect for plurality.

“Respecting our work is respecting the will of Mexico and not that of a few. We represent all the people of Mexico, those who voted for us and those who did not”, he specified.

Creel Miranda recalled that the Senate of the Republic was prevented from forming a qualified majority to approve the constitutional reform that President López Obrador supports. As a next step, he announced the holding of a public consultation and in this way seek by other means, apart from the Constitution, socially pressure the legislators to achieve its approval.

He affirmed that the power to reform the Constitution is exclusive to the Permanent Constituent Assembly and no one can be above it, except for a consultation that goes against what the Magna Carta itself establishes.

“No one who is subject to the principle of legality can make a consultation against what our Political Constitution marks,” he said.

However, he continued, promoting a consultation when the legislative process has not yet concluded is an undue interference in the constitutional functions of the Congress of the Union.

Deputy Santiago Creel stressed that the Political Constitution, which provides the basis for the formation of the Permanent Constituent Assembly and is the highest authority of the State, represents the sovereignty of all the people of Mexico and cannot be modified through a public opinion poll.

He assured that “the debate has been intense and is welcome as is the plurality, typical of a democratic system, in addition, the deputies are representatives of the citizenry, legitimately and legally elected, by more than 48 million Mexicans.”

The deputy president called for reciprocal collaboration, through democratic dialogue that respects plurality, critical and diverse opinions and, above all, the decisions that are adopted in each of the chambers in this constitutional process; that is what really strengthens our democracy.

He considered that the violence that prevails in the country today is the biggest problem that affects all Mexican families and the one that causes the most pain among them, and the solution requires that we all get involved and that our competencies are respected.

“Let’s not fall into false debates, nobody wants the armed forces to return to their barracks, especially when their functions are very clear, those of safeguarding national security and internal security and for that reason they must permanently deploy their forces throughout the national territory. and they must also cooperate with the National Guard, strictly in the terms established by the Constitution, he added.

“Let’s avoid confrontation and work together for a Mexico of freedoms, rights and opportunities. Let us unite for a fair Mexico, of well-being for all Mexicans. As president of the Chamber of Deputies, I will always defend its autonomy and independence and I will always abide by what the Constitution establishes,” he added.

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