Credits to the word: with-covid-plan they propose help for Acapulco

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In 2020 and given the effects of the covid-19 pandemic on the Mexican economy, the federal government launched program Crevenues to the wordan emerging measure that had the objective of alleviating the effects of covid-19 and that today seeks to replicate in the face of Hurricane Otis in Guerrero.

According to the state government, the meteorological phenomenon affected about 80 percent of the hotel sector in the country, not only large chains but thousands of hotels converge around the strength in the tourism industry. small merchants who saw the loss of their primary activity.

It is estimated that between 60 and 80 thousand people (of the 779,566 inhabitants of Guerrero) work in the hotel sector. Meanwhile, the National Alliance of Small Merchants (Anpec) indicates that in the port, the area most affected by the hurricane, there are 16 thousand small businesses; Of this figure, around 10 thousand are involved in the tourism sector.

The merchants assure that around 25 percent of all the micro economic units that exist in the entity were totally or partially affected by Otis.

So far, official figures indicate that the category 5 hurricane left 46 dead and 58 missing and countless structural damages in which both the local and federal administration and part of the private initiative are trying to rehabilitate.

In this sense, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador announced the implementation of a support proposal for the population of Acapulco and other municipalities of Guerrero affected by the passage of Otis. In sum, these economic supports will represent close to 61 thousand 312 million pesos.

The hurricane left havoc on much of the city's infrastructure / Ariana Pérez

Among the proposals, the return of the Credits to the wordwhich in the first instance was managed by the Ministry of Economy and whose administration passed into the hands of the Ministry of Welfare.

What support will the government provide for businesses affected by Hurricane Otis?

The government's strategy involves different types of support, based on its social programs; In the case of economic units they are:

  • Support for locals (45 thousand pesos for damaged complexes), to which they will dedicate a sum of 1,922 million pesos.
  • Credits to the word (25 thousand pesos for 20 thousand businesses), in which 500 million pesos will be allocated.
  • Nafin interest-free loans for small businesseswhich will involve 1,747 million pesos in resources.
  • Support for producers and exporters (39,609 beneficiaries), which will total 259.6 million pesos.

The scheme is complemented by the electricity payment forgiveness until January 2024, family support 8 thousand pesosdelivery of household goods, among others.

“It is a fifth of what is going to be required there; It is a first stage, the important thing is that they manage to go down with effectiveness, with speed and without bureaucracy so that they are successful because if the matter does not go down like this at a time like the one the Guerrero people find themselves in, they are not going to be very “Welcome,” said Cuauhtémoc Rivera, president of Anpec.

For small merchants, the federal administration's commitment must be reinforced by a support plan from the owners themselves. suppliers.

What do word credits involve?

The proposal of 25 thousand pesos of word credits for small businesses affected by the covid-19 pandemic involved a credit payable in three years, with three months of grace. Thus, the beneficiaries would pay 824 pesos in 33 subscriptions.

Among the requirements of the proposal were considered:

  • Be registered in the Wellbeing Census
  • Be of age
  • Have a micro or small business, with a minimum of 6 months of operation.
  • Dedicate yourself to the marketing, production of goods and/or provision of services, in all sectors except agriculture.
  • The business must be located in the program coverage areas.

At the start of the program, it was the Ministry of Economy—then in charge of Graciela Marquez— the person in charge of dispersing support; However, at the beginning of 2023 the beneficiaries were notified that their payments would be made to the Welfare Secretariat.

Until now, the agency headed by Ariadna Montiel has not specified the requirements for the implementation of the program in Guerrero, since the census is being carried out in the region, which until its last report included 32,644 registered homes and small businesses.

“We are going to achieve it soon, very soon because a lot of progress is being made, it will not take long. I have the dream, the ideal that we are going to turn into reality, together, as is being done, that already at Christmas the families are going to be very happy in Acapulco, they are going to be as they deserve, very happy. That is the commitment, there will not be a bitter Christmas,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

The government's goal seems quite ambitious, considering the structural damage in the region and the low figures in recovery of the amounts granted in response to the health emergency.

Around 10 thousand small businesses in Acapulco are dedicated to the tourism sector / Ariana Pérez
Around 10 thousand small businesses in Acapulco are dedicated to the tourism sector / Ariana Pérez

“The 25 thousand pesos are not necessarily going to be used for the restoration of homes or points of sale in them because they are going to be used for their maintenance because they are not going to have money these days and what they are looking for is to buy food. And even for that it will be relatively little for them,” considered the president of Anpec.

How many word credits were paid?

During the 2022 Expenditure Budget, the federal government did not consider the program within its management; The situation in Acapulco made yesand reactivate emergently.

According to the Superior Audit of the Federation (ASF), in 2020 567 thousand 767 pesos were deposited for support; This represented a 1.6 percent of the amounts granted during the pandemic.

The agency planned to benefit nearly two million people; However, the audit reflected that there was only an impact for one million 419 thousand 701 people, a 29.1 percent below than estimated.

“The lack of a metric and the lack of information made it difficult to verify the impact of the results on the population served with the support, which limited specifying the contribution of the program in the permanence of microbusinesses and the jobs they generate in the face of the economic crisis due to the health emergency of SARS-CoV2,” the authority indicated then.

In 2022, already in the hands of the Ministry of Welfare, it was reported 699 thousand 535.4 pesos for refunds by the beneficiaries of the program. For that year, the audit found inconsistencies in what was reported by the secretariat, since the registry was made up of 32,019 records, corresponding to the previous year's exercise.

Small businesses ask suppliers for help

Along with the announcement by the federal government, merchants ask that suppliers join the support actions in the entity.

“It will require a great effort to open these businesses, no matter how small they may be. Because they took merchandise, refrigerators, shelves, dispatchers and to start over requires an extraordinary effort,” said Cuauhtémoc Rivera.

He added that it is necessary that the products increase your credit notes for merchandiseto restock the points of sale and help rerecover lost infrastructurefrom refrigerators, shelves and more.

For example, currently Credit notes For products, they last between seven and 10 days with the main suppliers of the stores, the sector demands that these be extended even up to a month and a half so that sellers can alleviate the economic effects.

“To restore a point of sale that has fallen, the support of suppliers will be needed. What is needed is to guarantee that the supply reaches the points of sale, the main suppliers, in the face of the disaster, canceled the supply. We are calling on suppliers to understand the issue of setting up the point of sale to work as quickly as possible and avoid speculation, which is one of the worst scenarios,” Rivera concluded.


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