'Crazy' Wagner and Leslie Stewart celebrate their reunion in 'The Greatest Celebrity Chef' with a kiss

'Crazy' Wagner and Leslie Stewart celebrate their reunion in 'The
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'Crazy' Wagner and Leslie Stewart celebrate their reunion on 'The Biggest Celebrity Chef' with a kiss. | Latina.

He 'Loco' Wagner returned to the kitchen of 'The Great Celebrity Chef' after having successfully passed the repechage of this program. Likewise, the former television host reunited with some of his friends, such as Leslie Stewart and Milene Vasquez.

As soon as the program began, the actress asked to speak to celebrate with euphoria the reintegration of her friend, while Santi Lesmes chose to take out a candle and a maraca, indicating that he was hearing voices of participants who had already been eliminated, in clear allusion to Christian Wagner.

Despite the Spanish comments, Leslie Stewart She did not hesitate to leave her station to run into the arms of her companion, who also reciprocated her. While this was happening, Milene Vasquez She tried to avoid their embrace, pointing out that she had been in the 'Loco's most difficult moments.

'Crazy' Wagner kissed Leslie Stewart when he saw her again on 'The Biggest Celebrity Chef'. (Photo: Capture of Latina)
'Crazy' Wagner kissed Leslie Stewart when he saw her again on 'The Biggest Celebrity Chef'. (Photo: Capture of Latina)

Despite the blonde's claims, the actress and the former television host gave each other an effusive hug, which, to the surprise of everyone present, ended in a kiss. Finally, each of them had to return to their respective station to listen to the jury's instructions.

Behind the scenes, both Leslie Stewart As the 'Mad' Wagner They were encouraged to talk about what happened. The former member of 'The night is mine' He pointed out that this kiss arose from the excitement of seeing his friend again.

“In this euphoric outburst of emotion, this hug and this spontaneous kiss arose with great care so that the tape deck does not come loose,” said the 'Loco' about what happened with his partner in front of the cameras.

'Crazy' Wagner talked about the kiss he gave Leslie Stewart. (Photo: Capture of Latina)
'Crazy' Wagner talked about the kiss he gave Leslie Stewart. (Photo: Capture of Latina)

For her part, the actress indicated that there was nothing sentimental between them, since it had only been a kiss between friends, and that 'Crazy' Wagner had the habit of taking advantage of situations. "He's just a friend, don't get excited, he's kind of a jerk, he takes advantage a little sometimes," she said.

It is worth mentioning that Leslie Stewart and the former television host have had one for several decades, they have pointed out in the program that they have known each other since they were in school, since they studied together; However, they had never collaborated on a television project before.

'Loco' Wagner did not do badly in his return to the competition. 'The Great Celebrity Chef'. To begin with, the journalist won the first benefit of the night after having convinced the jury with the preparation of his potato gratan stuffed with tuna.

However, his good streak did not end here, because in the preparation of his second dish he also showed off to the maximum. Like his other colleagues, the communicator had to prepare pork cordon bleu with fresh pasta.

Unlike previous programs, in which he was always sentenced for how poorly he prepared his dishes, on this occasion he managed to save himself from reaching this dreaded night by making one of the best preparations. For her part, Leslie Stewart also managed to save herself, being the only two participants who went to the next round directly.

'Loco' Wagner and Santi Lesmes won the benefit for preparing a good first course.
'Loco' Wagner and Santi Lesmes won the benefit for preparing a good first course.

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