Coyoacán requests to expand the budget for schools and sports

Coyoacán requests to expand the budget for schools and sports
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The Coyoacán mayor's office requested the Congress of Mexico City for an increase to budget 2024 of nine percent.

This is equivalent to 297 million extra pesos, which will be allocated mainly to the maintenance and improvement of preschool, primary and secondary schools in the city. demarcationas well as sports, for the benefit of more than 14 thousand inhabitants.

I want to invest in education, it is one of the most heartfelt demands of the people of Coyoacán. Campuses with minimum conditions are required, with decent conditions for students to study. Why do we consider this increase to be fair? Because Coyoacán went from 14th place in the efficiency and transparency of public spending when we received the administration, to first place and, today, we are among the first three places in efficiency,” said the mayor, Giovani Gutiérrez.

He stressed that his Government has done more works and jobs than in the last six years or than in two previous administrations.

Which shows that public money has been used under strict principles of efficiency, rationality, austerity and discipline,” he said.

Why does Coyoacán want a bigger budget?

Before the members of the Budget and Public Accounts Commission of the Mexico City CongressGutiérrez indicated that the proposed budget ceiling for the following year is three thousand 216 million, 678 thousand 984 pesos.

However, he said that the upward adjustment is diluted by the impact of the inflation and is equivalent to what was decreased at the time of the covid pandemic.

He presented to the legislators the reasons why Coyoacán requires a larger budget. In addition to allocating the requested resources to basic education schools, the budget would also be allocated to large public sports such as the Huayamilpas Ecological Park and the Deportivo Mujica, among others.

The assigned budget ceiling, which, for the third year, worryingly limits our operating margin, since to meet citizen demand and maintain the positive changes that are already being experienced in the district, we will only have 23 cents of each peso of our budget. , lament.

I want to emphasize that they are 4 cents less than what we had in 2021, but with a higher cost of living,” he said.

The mayor explained that among the projected jobs To be carried out in educational establishments are reinforcement of interior and exterior walls, finishing in classrooms, rehabilitation of toilets, replacement of lighting, arrangement of school playgrounds, pruning and painting for these establishments.

We have made efficient and effective use of public money and it is visible. Our guarantee is that: the efficiency and transparency that keep us at the top of the application of public money. Today it is proven that we have brought Coyoacán out of abandonment and we have managed to advance by giving a new face to the demarcation,” he expressed.


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