Cowboys and Eagles, rewriting a classic

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November football arrived with the ninth week of the season. Starting next Monday, the trip to the playoffs It will already be declining.

But before the Chargers visit New York for a showdown with the Jets under the Monday Night lights, Week 9 up with multiple games between Super Bowl contenders

The Cowboys and the Eagles will play their first game of the year. Dallas and Philadelphia are the protagonists of a rivalry that dates back to 1960. These two teams have combined to win the NL East titles in the last 10 seasons Dallas travels to the eastern United States leading the National Conference with 28.1 points per game.

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When dallas the receiver has the ball Cee Dee Lamb He will look to take advantage of the best performance of his career. Last week, Lamb posted career highs in receptions (12) and receiving yards (158) and two touchdown catches.

For the second consecutive year and ninth time in franchise history, the Eagles started a 7-1 season. In the previous five seasons with this start, Philadelphia reached four Super Bowls.

The Eagles will have AJ Brownwho is coming off a performance of eight catches for 130 yards and two touchdowns, becoming the first player in the NFL history with 125 receiving yards in six consecutive games.

A Dallas victory would improve their record to 6-2 and would close the gap to just half a game with the Eagles. Instead Philadelphia's victory could put them on the path to another division titleas they did last season.

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