COVID: Los Angeles may impose indoor mask mandate next week


Many have chosen to continue wearing masks in Los Angeles.

Photo: FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP/Getty Images

Los Angeles County is fast approaching the moment of having to impose new rules for wearing masks in public interiors in the coming week, as data show that Omicron’s infectious subvariant BA.5 is increasing the number of cases of covid and sending more people to hospitals.

A new mask mandate would mark a significant escalation in the response to rising Covid infections, which have caused a spike in cases in the spring and summer and can make people sick again even if they have already been infected with the coronavirus. .

“Of all the tools we have used in this pandemic to counter the spread of COVID, wearing masks indoors is one of the simplest and turns out to be very effective,” said Thursday the director of public health of the county, Bárbara Ferrer.

Indoor mask mandate would apply for anyone age 2 and older in a large number of establishments and locations, including shared office spaces, manufacturing and retail settings, event spaces, restaurants and bars, gyms and yoga studios, educational settings, and children’s programs .

Unless the hospitalization rate falls below 10 next week, On July 29, a new order for masks will come into effect. because the county will then be in the “high” community level of COVID-19 for two weeks, as defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Ferrer said Thursday that the county could postpone a mandate if broadcast shows pronounced signs of slowing downas the drop in the number of cases will lead to a corresponding decline in hospitalizations a week or two later.

But this does not seem likely. Los Angeles on Thursday reported nearly 8,700 new cases, one of the highest single-day totals on record recently, and 1,329 coronavirus patients were hospitalized as of Wednesday, a 34% increase from two weeks ago.

Deaths from COVID-19 remain high. Los Angeles County has reported 86 to 100 deaths per week.

The CDC recommends the use of face coverings indoors in public for counties in the “high” community level.

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