Courtois, 'Dibu' Martínez and Bono finalists for Best FIFA Goalkeeper | Video

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Thibaut Courtois from Belgium, Emiliano 'Dibu' Martinez from Argentina and Yassine Bounou of Morocco were confirmed by FIFA as the finalists at The Best Awards to the best Goalkeeper in 2022.

The award recognizes the most important returns in the period from August 8 to December 18 last year and the winner will be announced at the 2023 gala to be held on February 27 in Paris.

From the initial list of five finalists, a panel of experts, fan voting, combined with top and coach votes, determined the members of the podido 2022.

The Belgian goalkeeper had a spectacular 2021/22 season under the three sticks of the real Madridseason that crowned with the UEFA champions league where he was also a figure for the meringues. With decisive shortcuts on the biggest stages and being key to the fourteenth 'Orejona' of RealCourtois has earned one more nomination from FIFA.

However, the goalkeeper ended the year with a disappointment, after his team was Eliminated in the group stage of the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

Emiliano 'Dibu' Martinez

Unlike Thibaut, the Argentine had an outstanding campaign in the world Cupbeing key to the coronation of the Argentine national team and that earned him the award for Gold Glove as the best goalkeeper of the championship.

After an excellent performance in the penalty shootouts against the Netherlands, 'Dibu' forced the last instance in the final against Franceafter stopping in minute 123 'a decisive shot from Randal Solo Muani alone in front of the goal and that led to the eventual victory of the albiceleste.

The World Cup was his highlight, but in the last 18 months he has also emerged as a key figure with the astonville of the Premier League.

'Bond' was a vital part of the most glorious page in the football history of Moroccowhich became the first African team to reach the semi-finals of the tournament. A finalist for the Golden Glove, the Moroccan saved two penalties in the definition against Spain in the round of 16, and shone in the surprising elimination of Portugal in the quarterfinals.

At club level, Bounou He also had a great year with him. Seville in The league from Spain, where his club was the least thrashed in the 2021/22 cycle and he was highlighted as the best goalkeeper of the championship.

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