Court corrects the INE on the pre-campaigns; They were going to start on November 5

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He Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) revoked the INE agreement that set November 5 as the start day of the pre-campaigns towards 2024.

By majority vote, the magistrates considered that, with that date, the deadline for the parties to comply with some requirements was reduced, which violates their rights.

They acknowledged that, although the INE can adjust dates to harmonize calendars with local elections, they pointed out that the contested agreement was not well argued or founded, which is why they decided to revoke it.

The councilors were ordered to review January 3 as the last day of the pre-campaigns, which by law last 60 days. This is because they will resume what the electoral legislation says about this period, which must begin in the third week of November. Thus, the INE will have to choose a start date between November 20 and 26.

On September 8, the General Council of the INE The start of the federal pre-campaigns was brought forward with the aim of standardizing it with what the states that will hold local elections will have.


By majority vote, the Electoral Tribunal of the Judicial Branch of the Federation (TEPJF) revoked the INE agreement that determined November 5 as the start date of the pre-campaigns, for reducing the deadlines for the parties to comply with some requirements and requirements, which that violates the rights of political institutions, he considered.

Judges Reyes Rodríguez Mondragón, Indalfer Infante, Felipe Fuentes Barrera and Felipe de la Mata voted in favor of the project proposed by Judge Janine Otálora.

Even though they recognized that the INE has the power to adjust dates in order to standardize calendars with local elections, they considered that the contested agreement was not well argued, since the INE did not adequately substantiate it, in addition to affecting the times for the parties to define the method of selecting a presidential candidacy, for example, and therefore, the majority of the justices decided to revoke the guidelines.

In this way, it is ordered to review the date of January 3 as the day for the conclusion of the pre-campaigns, taking into account that they cannot exceed 60 days in duration, and it is ordered to choose a day between November 20 and 26 for the start of the pre-campaigns and, thus, comply with what the legislation stipulates regarding their start in the third week of November.

Judge Mónica Soto and Judge José Luis Vargas voted against the project.

In accordance with article 226 of the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, pre-campaigns should not last more than 60 days. With the modification made by the INE, said period ended on January 3 of next year, however, with the resolution of the TEPJF, it would have to end between January 19 and January 25.

On September 8, the General Council of the INE had resolved to advance the start date of the presidential and congressional pre-campaigns by two weeks.

At that time, the councilors who defended the change argued that, in this way, the calendars of the states where governorships, municipal presidencies and state congresses will be renewed would be standardized.

This is not the first time that the General Council of the INE adjusts deadlines for the start of pre-campaigns, since it also happened in the 2021 federal electoral process when the Chamber of Deputies was renewed.

-With information from Ivonne Melgar

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