Couples defend Alexis Vega and 'Chicote' Calderón after punishment

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Chivas announced yesterday the separation of the players Alexis Vega, Cristian Calderon and Raul Martinez for failing to comply with guidelines established in the club's internal regulations. Moments later, the partners of the first two footballers came out to show their position.

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“Applause for those of us who know the truth, but we want to know how far the hypocrisy of others goes,” said Paula González, partner of Alexis Vega. “I love you, always on your boat.”

For her part, Adriana Castillo highlighted the love she has for Cristian Calderon and ruled out any deception on the part of his partner.

"I love you love of my life. Nobody fooled anyone, ladies and gentlemen. Stop talking about very bad information and gossip. DON'T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU SEE ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Unfortunately, that is what they live on, on pure gossip and, the worst part, on very bad information,” he indicated in an Instagram story.

"The envious person invents the rumor, the gossiper spreads it and the pen... believes it," he added in another story on the social network.

Chivas He indicated yesterday that the players will be separated for an indefinite period and will work on a differentiated program to maintain their physical and football fitness, although he did not detail the indiscipline.

This Saturday, Chivas faces Atlas at Akron Stadium, at 7:00 p.m. Both teams are tied with 15 points, although the Rojinegros have a better goal difference.


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