Couple of influencers reveals that they have been together for 14 years and they are showered with comments

Couple of influencers reveals that they have been together for
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Florence Guillot is a content creator who specializes in fashion and makeup topics and recently ventured into the world of podcast, in his he invites other people to talk about various experiences. On this occasion she invited the couple made up of the influencer Pau Florencebetter known as theurbanbeauty and her husband Mau, whose love story went viral in social networks.

In the interview, the content creator begins by asking them about your love storysince he assures that it is very striking because of the way in which they met, since they have been together for 17 years.

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Influencers have been together for 14 years and spark debate on social networks

In the short clip, Florencia herself points out that the story is intense and shows fragments of the interview he did with them on his podcast "Go to Succeed"The husband begins by saying that he is between 13 and 14 years older than her, although in the Complete version available on YouTube he did not want to mention exactly how many.

That there is an age difference, we are not going to mention numbers, there is an important age difference, more or less I am between 13 and 14 years older than Pau, so it was 'what is Mauricio doing with Pau?'"

However, when she answered the same question she only said: "I was in secondary school, about to go to high school and Mau already working, already in the office, Godín, then really we had nothing in common".

@veteatriunfar This #storytime is INTENSE! A relationship that could have done it #relationships #podcasts original sound - Go Triunfar

Likewise, it was the same interviewer who said that In high school she was watching "Floricienta" an Argentine series for teenagers, making it clear that at that age young people think about other things and not about relationships.

According to Pau's husband, there was always clarity about their ages and the situation of each one, such as the fact that he has a son, so he said that they both knew where they stood.

Pau, since I met her, who was in high school, she was always an extremely mature woman."

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They criticize influencers who have been around for 14 years

The story didn't turn out to be so romantic for Internet users who saw the video of the story with different eyes in which they also mention that the content creator left her home at the age of 18 due to the same situation, in addition to many pointing out that this type of case normalizes the abuse.

Among the comments you can read: "It is not the same to be 15 years old when you are 20 and 35 and 14 and 29, that is even illegal", "Romanticizing pedophilia and the guy tells it with a nerve and normality..." and "I don't get the math, assuming he was 14 years old... the guy was 28... a case for the DIF, I think." Likewise many they failed the age difference and they talked about how in these cases there is groominga type of harassment carried out by an adult towards a younger.

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