Countries classified to the eighth of the World Cup in Qatar. This is how the crosses between groups remain

(CNN Spanish) — The last date of the group stage advances and it is increasingly clear what the clashes will be like in the round of 16 in Qatar.

This Thursday Spain left doubts but qualified thanks to Germany: La Roja lost 2-1 with Japan, which was first in Group E. Spain, with 4 points, remained with the same as Germany, which beat Costa Rica 4-2. But Spain had a substantial save: the seven goals they scored against Costa Rica in the first game. By goal difference Spain was second and goes to the round of 16.

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On Wednesday Argentina it qualified in the first position of Group C, while Poland advanced in second place. Mexico, despite its triumph in the match against Saudi Arabia, was left out.

Argentina dispels doubts, plays well and advances to the round of 16

On the side of Group D, the pass to the round of 16 was defined Australiawhich joins France that had already managed to secure in the next phase of the World Cup.

On Tuesday, the selections of PNetherlands and Senegal they qualified as first and second place, respectively, in Group A, from which Ecuador was left out after losing to the Africans. On the Group B side, England and the United States advanced after their victories in the matches against Wales and Iran respectively.

Before this day, besides France, Brazil and Portugal They had already passed to the round of 16 without playing matchday 3.

Brazil won without Neymar and is in the round of 16

The Brazilian players celebrate the triumph that allowed them to be one of the first classified to the round of 16 in a match without the presence of Neymar.

How are the round of 16 defined in the World Cup?

After the group stage, the first two of each group, those with the most points, qualify. The best 16 teams in the tournament play this phase.

  • The round of the best 16 will be played between December 3 and 6.
  • In this period, there are two daily matches: one at 06:00 pm local time (10:00 am ET) and another at 10:00 pm (2:00 pm ET).
  • In total, there are eight games.

The first of Group A with the second of Group B

This match will be played Netherlandsfirst of Group A, against USASecond in Group B.

Weah celebrates the USA’s first World Cup goal against Wales.

The first of Group C with the second of Group D

In this match they will face Argentina for Group C and Australia by the d.

The first of Group E with the second of Group F

In this match they will face Japan for Group E and Croatia by the f.

The first of Group G with the second of Group H

For Group G, Brazil He is already classified and so far he is in first place. Therefore, at the moment his duel in the round of 16 would be against Ghana.

The first of Group B with the second of Group A

Senegal, who already qualified as second in Group A, will play this match against Englandfirst of Group B.

The first of Group D with the second of Group C

France, first of the group d, will play the match against Poland, Second in Group C.

Kylian Mbappe of France celebrates after scoring his team’s second goal in front of fans during the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Group D match between France and Denmark at Stadium 974 on November 26, 2022 in Doha, Qatar. (Photo by Stu Forster/Getty Images)

The first of Group F with the second of Group E

In this match they will face Morocco for Group F and Spain by the E

The first of Group H with the second of Group G

Portugal They have already qualified for the round of 16 and at the moment they are in first place in Group H. With the positions as they are so far, their match would be against Swiss.

The tiebreaker factor to go to the round of 16

If two teams are tied on points, the tiebreaker is drawn in the first instance by goal difference: the subtraction between the goals scored and those received. Whoever has the best number in that section among the tied teams is in the best position.

Thus, the wins by Spain, England and France were very beneficial if they needed a tiebreaker (and very disadvantageous for Costa Rica, Iran and Australia for that very reason). It worked for Spain.

If the remote scenario of a tie in goal difference occurs, the next criterion to define the position is the highest number of goals scored in the group stage matches, according to FIFA.

This is how the positions go in the group stage