Councilor of the Democratic Center would have been the victim of an attack in Medellín

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Apparently, the councilor would have been accompanied by more people at the time the vehicle was hit by an unrecognized element - credit @CeDemocratico/

Acts of violence do not stop throughout the national territory. Now in Medellina councilor was the victim of an attack when she was traveling in a van through the streets of the city.

As announced by the lobbyist of the Democratic Center Leticia Orrego, when the vehicle was traveling through the depressed area of ​​Oriental Avenue in the capital of Antioquia, An unrecognized element hit the window of the position where the official was sitting.

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Once the events were recorded, the councilor decided to continue on her way along the stretch of road before stopping at a CAI of the National Police to report what happened. Through their social networks, Orrego He pointed out that if the car was not armored, she would have lost her life in the middle of an attack that would have been directed towards her.

“It saved me that the car was armored because they would have killed me. Apparently that was it for me. Like they followed me while I was at Parque Bolívar stopping for 40 minutes,” Orrego said through his social networks.

For her, the attack she received on the afternoon of Sunday, October 8, could be related to her constant pressure from the district administration of Medellín. Orrego, indicated through her social networks, has been one of the strongest opponents of the management led until recently by Daniel Quintero, which would have been involved in alleged irregularities in the management of public resources in the city.

Leticia Orrego reported alleged attack on her counter-credit @leticia-orrego/ X
Leticia Orrego reported alleged attack on her counter-credit @leticia-orrego/ X

“I have been a number one opponent. I reported a contract. I had a very serious political control debate. I have been a woman very opposed to this administration. I think that has to do with my attack because I am sure that that was for me,” Orrego added.

However, as indicated by the Medellín Metropolitan Police to Week, Upon verifying recordings from security cameras in the sector, the authorities would have determined that the “attack” corresponded to a stone that was thrown by a resident in the street and that hit the vehicle.

In fact, uniformed officers would be searching for the person allegedly responsible for what happened to answer to the authorities. However, through her social networks, the lobbyist requested an investigation of the Attorney General's Office given what happened, insisting that unscrupulous people would be following up on her.

“The attack suffered today against my integrity is an act of cowardice committed by those who know perfectly well my struggle to decisively confront the looting that Medellín has been subjected to. The events that preceded it mean that the @FiscaliaCol must investigate until they are completely clarified. Because of what I experienced hours before, everything indicates that they were following me,” said Leticia Orrego through her social networks.

These types of events are recorded a few weeks before the regional elections are held on October 29, 2023. The authorities had expressed their concern about the security situation in Medellín facing the votes, however, after a security council held at the end of August 2023, the public force issued a statement of tranquility regarding it.

In fact, on that occasion, the retired general and deputy director of Social Development of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley Javier Josué Martin He called for calm in the face of the electoral contest in which the governors, deputies of Departmental Assemblies, mayors, municipal councilors and councilors of the Local Administrative Boards in the national territory will be elected.

“There is no type of threat that could alter order in any municipality of the Aburrá Valley, much less in the 9,044 voting stations, defined, so far, in the metropolitan region,” said the general (r) and deputy director. of Social Development of the Metropolitan Area of ​​the Aburrá Valley, Javier Josué Martin.

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