Costumes that are in fashion Halloween 2023

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The Halloween night, one of the darkest and funniest seasons of the year, is almost here. So, those who plan to go to parties in scary outfits should not miss the Halloween costumes that are in fashion this 2023.

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He October 31 is the day that Halloween is celebratedwhen the majority takes the opportunity to show off their best costumes fear in Halloween night and go trick-or-treating or partying. Therefore, here we tell you what are the costumes that are fashionable this 2023.

Top most popular Halloween costumes in 2023

According to the Google Frightgeist pagehe top of the Halloween costumes that will be in fashion this 2023 It is made up, for the most part, of characters from films that were released this year.

Barbie costume

In the number one position is the Halloween costume of the famous doll Barbiewhose movie It starred actress Margot Robbie. The film showed different costumes that undoubtedly have potential for this Halloween.

Princess Costumes

In the second position are the princess costumessince this year a movie about disney about these female royal characters, as in the case of the controversial film 'The little Mermaid'.

Spider-Man costume

Likewise, the movie from Sony about Miles Morales, the Spider-Man from an alternate universe, inspired many Halloween fans to prepare their halloween costumes 2023 and go trick-or-treating.

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Witch and fairy costumes

Classic characters never go out of style, which is why in the fourth and fifth positions are the witch and fairy costumesthis because the 31 October magic and spells should not be missing.

Mario Bros and Princess Peach Costumes

Although these are not the most popular, according to the top of fashionable Halloween costumes in this 2023, movie fans Mario Bros They will not hesitate to dress like the plumber from the video games and the Princess peachwhich slipped into thirteenth position.

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Five nights at Freddy's costume

Although Five nights at Freddy's costumesthe horror video game about diabolical robots in the shape of bears and rabbits from a family restaurant, do not appear in the top of Google's Frightgeist, It is likely to be seen on the streets, since the live-action film will be released before Halloween.

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Halloween costumes 2023 inspired by the internet

Meanwhile, other options have circulated on social networks. fashionable halloween costumes inspired by viral internet content throughout the year 2023. Therefore, it is likely that the little ones will ask for these costumes to be the sensation among their friends.

Between the fashionable costumes for Halloween 2023 there is the one from the YouTube series 'Skibidi Toilet', which has become very popular in youth groups and children. Therefore, it is likely that this year you will see many dressed in suits and wearing television heads or speakers; as well as toilet bowls.

Children and adults are not the only ones who enjoy the Halloween night. For this reason, they have also fashionable Halloween costumes 2023 that refer to the 'Nun of the fair'which is actually the characterization of the spin-off of the movie 'The spell'.

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