Correo Argentino's logistical mechanism begins for the ballot | News

Correo Argentino's logistical mechanism begins for the ballot | News
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In Argentina, the distribution of electoral material began this Saturday at the voting centers for the second round that will define who will be the next president of the South American country.


Electoral ban begins in Argentina for the runoff

Among the services provided by the Official Post are the distribution of electoral rolls to the electoral secretariats and the places stipulated for the exhibition, the distribution of electoral materials such as ballot boxes, training manuals and electoral kits.

Also the assembly and deployment of mobile dark rooms, the delivery of appointments and acknowledgments of receipt, and the reception and logistics of voting ballots.

At the national level, Correo Argentino will reach 16,941 polling stations throughout the country in a deployment in which 77,200 workers are involved

In total, 104,520 ballot boxes will be distributed throughout the national territory so that 35,405,013 Argentines can exercise their vote.

The Argentine Post Office will use a fleet of 15,802 vehicles, which includes trucks, vans, small vehicles, utility vehicles, tractors, mules, boats and buses to transport the personnel in charge of delivering the ballot boxes.

In addition, Correo Argentino will once again use the traceability system for electoral material and documentation to guarantee the security of the electoral process.

Each ballot box will be subjected to a control process that will allow its journey to be followed from the corresponding operational center to its delivery at each polling station, and vice versa when removed from the polling stations once the election is over.

This Sunday, November 19, Argentines go to the polls to elect president between two candidates who, according to polls, are in a technical tie: Sergio Massa, Minister of Economy of a country in recession, and the far-right Javier Milei, who has capitalized discontent over the economic crisis.

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