Corn seller loses his hand when a bomb that was thrown at the door of his house exploded


Francisco Azcona’s life changed in a matter of seconds when leaving his home in the city of Santa Ana, California, he found himself almost at the door with an aluminum-lined ball, which he picked up to throw in the trash can; and at that moment, there was a strong explosion that caused him to lose his left hand.

Today his family asks you earnestly for your financial donations to help them get ahead of this tragedy. To give them a helping hand, visit the GoFundMe page: Street Vendor Lost his Hand (Street Vendor Loses His Hand).

“When he took the ball, he didn’t even know how it exploded. He just wanted to throw it in the trash when he blew it up in his hand, ”says Jacqueline López, his wife.

Francisco Azcona loses his left hand when a homemade bomb explodes. (Courtesy)

In search of a better life, 22-year-old Francisco and Jacqueline arrived from Puebla, Mexico in Santa Ana three months ago. In Puebla, they left their two-year-old daughter in the care of her grandparents.

The couple lives in Santa Ana, with Jacqueline’s brother, Luis López, his wife, and their three minor children.

“We are all street vendors. We sell corn, potatoes, raspados, bossed around,” says Luis.

The accident occurred around 10:15 a.m. on Friday, June 17.

Jacqueline relates that they were preparing to have lunch and take a shower, before going to work.

“He was alone outside. We were all inside the house. I was by a window, preparing lunch, when there was a loud noise that I had never heard before and I saw that it came out like a fire, ”she says.

And remember that the explosion destroyed the bark of a tree and the windows of the truck that were next to the garbage cans.

It was the neighbors who called the ambulance and the police.

“There was nothing left of my husband’s left hand. My brother held his wrist up so he wouldn’t keep bleeding.”

Jacqueline says that in the hospital they had no choice but to amputate her left hand properly.

“The right hand is very swollen, very affected. The doctors have told us that with treatment she can recover, but that may take several months.” She also sustained injuries and wounds to her chest and arms.

Francisco was discharged from the hospital, 5 days after being admitted to the emergency room. However, he is very shocked by the tragedy experienced.

“He is very scared. Cries when he is asleep. Like he relives the moment of the explosion and jumps into the night.”

But Francisco is not the only one left with severe trauma.

Everyone in the house is afraid. We woke up anxious. We don’t know where that bomb came from and who threw it at the house. The police told us it was a homemade expansive bomb, and they’re investigating.Jacqueline says.

He says that even his brother’s three children are very afraid; and more so now that July 4, Independence Day of the United States, is approaching, when rockets are launched and thunder everywhere.

Francisco Azcona holds his nephew, before suffering the accident. (Courtesy)

Added to the great pain that the terrible accident has caused Francisco and his family is economic uncertainty.

“This bomb damaged us too much. Neither my husband nor I can work now. He depends on me for everything, to eat, to go to the bathroom. Can not do nothing. I have to take care of him and support him in everything. His remaining hand is bandaged, and it will take a long time for him to recover.”

“The truth is, says Jacqueline, what has happened to us is very ugly, and she doesn’t wish it on anyone”.

Rosa López, a cousin of Jacqueline, opened an account on the GoFundMe site to raise funds to financially support Francisco and Jacqueline during this difficult time. The goal is to raise $15,000, but they have only managed to raise $450.

“They are street vendors and with this tragedy they have not been able to go out to work. Therefore, we ask everyone’s help to raise funds, to help with the costs of therapies, hospital bills, meals, etc. Any help is appreciated,” Rosa pleaded.

Don’t forget to visit the GoFundMe site to support Francisco.

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