Coque Muñiz worked with a prominent journalist before becoming a singer

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The third edition of "Who is the Mask 2023" continues to surprise its audience with unexpected revelations, and in the last episode, the eliminated Balero left everyone stunned by revealing his true identity: Coke Muñiz. What stood out, in particular, was the brief but interesting period in which Coque Muñiz served as Joaquín López-Dóriga's correspondent.

The program dynamics Who is the Mask It is based on celebrities hiding their identity under extravagant costumes and providing clues about who they are as they advance in the competition. On Sunday, October 29, the charismatic character Balero was eliminated, and finally, viewers They were able to discover that Coque Muñiz was the one behind the mask.

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One of the most curious and striking aspects of the clues provided by Balero was his brief employment as a correspondent. During his participation in the program, Coque Muñiz mentioned that he had worked as a correspondent for Joaquín López-Dóriga for a short period of time. This revelation took many by surprise, since few knew that at the beginning of his career, The talented singer ventured into the world of journalism.

To better understand this unexpected revelation, Coque Muñiz shared additional details about his experience working with Joaquín López-Dóriga in a previously conducted interview in the program Members on Air.

During the interview, the singer announced that His initial dream was to become a renowned singer.but to achieve this, he needed an opportunity to become known in the world of entertainment.

It was then that Coke Muñiz decided to approach Joaquín López-Dóriga, a prominent Mexican journalist, and asked him for the opportunity to work as a reporter. López-Dóriga, known for his influence in the world of communication, agreed to give young Muñiz an opportunitywhich marked the beginning of his brief but interesting career as a correspondent.

Coque Muñiz recalled with humor that his first assignment as a reporter was an interview with Fidel Velázquez, the influential leader of the Confederation of Mexican Workers (CTM). However, the interview proved to be a considerable challenge for the young correspondent, as He lacked prior knowledge about politics and union life in Mexico.

The singer shared an excerpt from his experience in the interview with López-Dóriga: "My first interview was with Fidel Velázquez, but what did I know about the CTM? The next day, Joaquín called me and told me: 'your questions are not hello good'". Muñiz's lack of familiarity with the topic led him to ask questions that did not meet journalistic standards, resulting in an unsatisfactory conversation with the union leader.

Consequently, Coque Muñiz recognized that His foray into journalism was short-lived.. His lack of experience and knowledge in the political and union sphere led him to understand that his true passion and vocation resided in music and entertainment. Therefore, he decided to abandon his role as a correspondent and focus on his musical career, a path that ultimately led him to recognition and success as a singer.

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The revelation by Coque Muñiz about his experience as a correspondent of Joaquín López-Dóriga highlights the versatility and different stages in the artists' careers. Although his time as a journalist was brief, this early experience surely left a mark on his path to stardom in the music world.

In "Who is the Mask 2023," Coque Muñiz once again demonstrated his ability to surprise and entertain his audience, and his revelation about his brief but interesting foray into journalism has generated greater appreciation for his versatility and his diverse experiences throughout his career.


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