Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples joins the strike in Panama | News


The National Coordinator of Indigenous Peoples of Panama (Coonapip) began a strike this Wednesday to demand that the Government grant land titles, as well as access to the gasoline subsidy in force since this week.


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The indigenous groups obstructed, among other places, the bridge over Lake Bayano, 100 kilometers from Panama City, where the people dressed in traditional costumes chanted slogans such as: “The land is not for sale, the land defends itself.”

“The settlers are illegally invading our lands, cutting down trees, polluting our environment, we have conserved Lake Bayano so that it works successfully; we are the ones who take care of it and invaders are coming,” said the spokesperson for the Madugandí indigenous region, Linares García.

The Coonapip indigenous confederation, made up of seven ethnic groups originating in the country, pointed out that the closure of the highways as a sign of protest against the settlement of settlers and invaders of their lands, joins other blockades led by union, indigenous and union organizations for a long time. more than two weeks in the nation.

He added that among the claims are the reduction of fuel price rates, of the basic food basket; as well as compliance with the ruling of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights that favors the Madungandì and Emberá Territory of Alto Bayano.

Last Tuesday, during the demonstrations in the province of Veraguas, the indigenous groups, evicted by the police with tear gas, destroyed a police car, seven detainees were reported and the same number of injured police officers.

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